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Anyone on here play?

Vrai & I got a pair of paddles and a sleeve of balls. Our campground has a nice court. The first time out I was expecting more bounce from the ball, sort of like in tennis. It takes a bit getting use to the ball. So far we just play for a workout. Singles on a regulation court would be a challenge. I see why a lot of people play doubles, the court is perfect since you don't have to cover a lot of ground.

We play unless the temperature gets too oppressive. If we play before 10am here, we are in good shape. Otherwise we'd have to wait until almost 6pm since it takes forever for it to cool down here in the desert.


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Anyone on here play?
I don't play, but two folks I know at PTRV play and they love it. One of them has actually participated (and won) in a couple tournaments. It may be something I look into taking up when I retire.


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That is funny, i saw a sign today that said Pickleball and had an arrow so I had to look up wtf pickleball was.


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Sounds like fun. I know several Canadian couples our age that are down here in the winter. They play, and I'd like to try it.


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there is a group that plays at the Boys & Girls club in north beach (the gym part). I was considering going to check it out. I heard its a lot of fun, and like she said, a cross btw tennis and ping pong.