Pickup trucks are deliberately designed to intimidate and kill pedestrians


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wait, wait wait, hold on a minute...I thought it was SUV's of the 90's that independant from a driver killed people... huh???


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Many fancy pickups are the result of the Governments CAFE law. They figured they would force Americans to drive teeny tiny cars that wouldn't hold their families by outlawing big cars.
Americans told hem to get Phucked by buying pick up trucks.
When they outlaw pick ups we will buy semi's or box trucks.


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I had a co-worker who was adamant that I should pay higher insurance rates because if my big pickup was involved in an accident with a small car then the small car driver was more likely to get hurt. There is no dealing with a mentality like that.


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Wait til they see this thing coming............ the keening will be loud.... Bulletproof (ish) stainless steel......


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The funniest thing I've seen so far is the Europeans that make fun of us for buying big vehicles, i know several over here for work and they all bought the biggest trucks they could find.

My big old Buick would have put those trucks to shame, no crumple zone, heavy chrome bumper (cow catcher). A suburban backed int on bumper once and didnt leave a spot on it.