Pier 450 Friday November 6th


#*! boat!
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Food was great although the selection didn’t include much of interest to my “meat and taters, thanks” wife. Lol No sign of Bird Dog. Maybe he was with Greg....


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You wont believe what happened last night...

I decided to come down and just see a few people and have a beverage or two and slide outta there... But first, I went to my neighbors house to check on him. Walter is close to 90, a Korean War vet and a widower.. I usually bring him a pie and a few magazines..well, he siad his car needed a jump start because the battery was dead due to sitting for a while...Its a 1966 Chrysler station wagon with a 440...rusty but still cool...with a spray of ether in the carb, and a jump, it fired right up..he asked me to take it for a spin and "get her up to 50mph to clean the carbon out". I told him I was going down Rt. 5 and he said "hellfire boy, take her all weekend"..

I wasnt really sure where I was going, and now I didnt have my GPS, so I found an old Tom-Tom in a plastic bucket he had in the backseat.... I wiped away the cigarettee ashes and plugged it in..

The voice told me to hit Rt. 5 and turn right.... Only 1 headlight worked as I drove, and it was getting darker...I entered "Ridge" on the device...
Well, I ended up on Ridge Road, off of Route 5, (also called Branch Ave) in Southeast Washington DC on the Potomac River!! Well, maybe the Anacostia River. Well, I saw some local indigenous people, hovering over a 50 gallon barrell. Probably a tribe of Anacostia or Potomac indians...So I got to know them and their views...They indoctrinated my presence naming me Redbone or something and I smoked their Peace Pipe...weird stuff there buddy..
This "Chartreuse Bruce" native sat in my lap all night...I think she had an Adams Apple.... weird...

I dont know where Walters cars is now...I woke up on a Metro bus and have a lot of explaining to do.
Should have posted. I'm a genius when it comes to directions.


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based on reading several posts:

  1. ummmmmm, not being a SMIB homegrown person yourself, , ummmm, your directions, well, I worked for Keypoint Gov. Solutions a few years ago, and worked at Webster Field several times.... Ridge is down there somewhere....
  2. I feel culturally aware now meeting with Bruce and the oppressed Indian Tribes....awfully dark Indians...
  3. the 50 gallon pit fire was sufficient, however Im not a pork rind kinda guy though.
  4. MPDC just called, Walters car was impounded, but it doesnt have any tires now