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hurray hurray hurray folks, get em here....

when will the mass killer that was caught hours ago in Highland Park, be named by Old Joe and the media whores as a probable white supremacist, a Trumper and a multi-magazine clip holding, semi auto-matic military style assault rifler????

By the way, "Old Joe and the media whores" is a good rock band in Austin Tx...
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I hate to admit it but I did what I swear I hate when others do it. I wondered which side of the political spectrum he was on. Just so I could say, SEE!

And what we all should think is - he’s CRAZY folks!!! It doesn’t matter what he thinks politically. Would you be interested in relationship advice from him? Then why should anyone care what his POLITICS is? It’s like wondering what the political opinion of a Great White Shark has, after a shark attack.


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I read a news account that his uncle was questioned earlier in the day and said he never saw any signs that this would happen. He said he was always a "lonely, quiet person. He kept everything to himself. " He said he rarely engaged him, only to say Hi and Bye when he left. He never saw any friends and he did not have a job.

A lonely quiet person. No friends. No job. But there were no signs that this was going to happen!


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omg... does this mean I'm the next mass killer???


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He sure looks like a nut. Just from his picture I can understand why he was lonely and without friends.
Too bad they arrested him without incident. The police could have saved us all a lot of expense if they had shot him down like the rabid animal he is. Unlike blacks ,white people don't riot when ass wholes who need killing get what they need.
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