Pocono 6/11/17


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Kyle Busch WINNER
Matt Kenseth
Denny Hamlin
Daniel Suarez
Truex Jr

Sorry about my Cluster #### in misfiling DOVER for last week . This PC I have at home is slow as paint drying & don't have access to this site on job PC ( prohibited, WHY , who knows) so my computer time is limited . That's why I don't talk $HIT anymore :killingme:
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R.I.P. My Brother Rick
Hey HD20,

Glad you're okay.

As an old guy, when another old guy doesn't post for a while you start to wonder. Ya know? :dead:
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I'm the king of the old guys, Ive probably got you all beat. I keep forgetting about my picks each week, a little dementia I guess.

(1) Truex
Kyle Busch
Kyle Larson
Jimmie Johnson
Chase Elliot


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Ky. Busch - Winner
Ku. Busch

My friends told me I was no longer allowed to pick Kyle to win. I'm keeping my mouth shut.


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Top 5 at Pocono
1. Blaney
2. Harvick
3. Jones
4. Kurt B.
5. Brad K.

Standings after Pocono:

AnthonyJames 36+3=39
Calvcopf 37+1=38
OldHillCrestGuy 33+0=33
Stgislander 30+2=32
Checkered_Flag 24+2=26
HomeDepot20 19+0=19
Clevalley 17+1=18

Contrats AnthonyJames on taking the points lead!