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why is my poinsettia losing it's leaves? they've been falling off from the bottom, up. the red leaves on top still look great, only one or two of them are curling up. i've used the peters poinsettia food, but i'm still missing something.


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i saw some pretty big poinsettas before the holidays and was very tempted to buy on of the big ones. i didn't for fear of killing it. i'm not very good with plants, but i couldn't resist the poinsettas this year. they were all beautiful.


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i think i've found the problem already! the excess water isn't draining away from the roots. maybe it will survive after all.

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just don't do what I did and take the word of the lowes garden "experts" :rolleyes:

poinsettias are NOT outside plants here in the winter! :mad:


poinsettias are NOT outside plants here in the winter!

Poinsettias are very beautiful when they are in bloom, but they are high maintenance plants with too many rules for me. I guess that is why mine only last a few days after bringing them home from the store.


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I'm surprised my honey hasn't responded to this thread - he has a wholesale greenhouse operation and actually grows poinsettias. Red, if you still have questions, send him a PM or email him.

Of course, he's going to tell you to not keep your points and try to force them to color again - he'll tell you to throw them away and get new. At least that's what he tells me. :biggrin: