Police chase man on backhoe


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Police rescue alleged 'backhoe bandit'

Associated Press

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A man who tried to steal an ATM with a backhoe was arrested when he asked police officers who were chasing him for help after he jumped into the Kansas River, police said.

Police said the man, in his 50s, used the backhoe to break into a convenience store in Kansas City, Kan., then tried to drive away with the Automated Teller Machine. As the man tried to flee, the machine and 12 packs of soda fell from the backhoe, police said.

Police followed the man as he took the backhoe through a wooded area before fleeing on foot.

After jumping into the Kansas River, the man swam out about 15 feet from shore, then called for help, saying he was drowning, the police department said.

Two officers jumped into the river, rescued him and arrested him, police said.

The man was taken to a hospital after complaining of an ankle injury, police said. The two officers were unharmed.
Slowest police chase in history. Did he think he wouldn't be that obvious driving around in a backhoe?


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FromTexas said:
A man driving a backhoe and a couple officers jogging behind him making siren noises.
Or maybe they were on bikes behind him going "ringring.........pull over" hahahaha


Would THIS face lie?
I bet those cops had a laugh and a half when they got back to the police barracks..... :lmao: You can just imagine what the topic of conversation was... :killingme


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tastycakes said:
not really sure what a backhoe is, but I'd love to watch a chase like this!

On a serious note, hun, Ill take ya to my buddies house, or a farm and show ya... ight...

Its on one them there tractors with the arm on the back (bucket on the front) and the arm extends out and has a scoup or claw on it :yay:

I have one on my hat right now, but not sure how to show ya :lmao: