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The easiest way to get rid of this woman would have been to get her packages and then she would leave.
Instead they put themselves in more danger by arguing with her.
Yes; She is a pain in the ass, but a little common sense goes a long way.


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There are a lot more freedom loving American’s having enough! This video warms my heart, in a Bloomingdales of all places! Look at these beautiful folks

MandyP'd herself because there were no explosives, arson, and assault with intent to maim. Poor MandyP'd, but her new found warmth and moisture will protect her, or get her moldy.:killingme

A question if I may MandyP head, why is Bloomingdales holding a Super Spreader event for masked liberal idiots? Aren't you retards supposed to be saving lives by staying home?
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Another beautiful citizen fighting against tyranny, this time in a grocery store, this poor lady, obviously pushed past the point of patience. You can see her use all her strength to continue the fight for freedom, and her sweet voice at the end, it honestly fills me with quite a bit of hope.



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Insanity Wrap has been assured by at least two sources that this is a genuine chyron run by CNN this week.

“Violence is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength,” is very nearly what George Orwell wrote. CNN merely subbed out “war” for “violence.”

(Judging by the result of the recent election, Orwell sure got that last part right.)

Anyway, CNN went full Orwell. You never go full Orwell.

On the other hand, Insanity Wrap is forced to admit, if you’re going to go full Orwell, it’s probably correct to do it when Adam Schiff is on.