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Maskholes Prove Exactly What Conservatives Have Been Saying All Along

Be careful of citing World o meters site. While the numbers for Maryland is the same as the state's official numbers, the numbers for Florida is way off. The site cites dozens of new daily deaths but Florida's official site only states a handful.

These maskholes are attempting to guilt people into wearing a mask. Despite numerous “orders” (CDC, State, County) I have not worn a mask outdoors, at all, since June of last year. Recently, while at the gas station, a man approached me demanding I put on a mask to protect everyone else around me. I asked him why he felt that he could enter my 6 feet of social distancing space to get in my face, asking me to put on a mask while outdoors. Infuriated, he squawked about how I just wanted to kill people and I didn’t care for anyone else around me. To him, I was right up there with Mussolini. He went further to say that the majority of the problems we were having were because people won’t mask up.

Enter science and data.

I asked him if that were the case, why didn’t Florida have the most per-capita cases in the country? Dumbfounded, he said that “thousands” were dying from exposure in Florida still. (No, they aren’t.) He insisted that the states with the worst numbers for COVID were Republican-run states. I then asked him which of the states had the worst numbers. “SOUTH DAKOTA!” he screamed in my face. “They don’t have a mask mandate and they have more deaths by population than any other state.”

Knowing that was factually inaccurate, I asked him how much he was willing to bet that South Dakota wasn’t even in the top five of worst states. Practically having a stroke by this point, my maskhole sparring partner told me that South Dakota was one of the top states in the country, even when not factoring for the population. “They are either first or second in deaths per capita,” he asserted. Due to this amazing invention called the internet, I pulled up World-o-Meter’s COVID-19 statistics on my phone and read them out loud to him. Sorting the data by deaths per million population, it showed that the top 3 were all blue states. I showed him on my phone that not only did South Dakota not make the top five, it barely made the top 10, coming in tenth per capita, and 41st in the nation for overall deaths. As I continued to show him this data, he was now standing right next to me reading my phone. “See!” he continued, “it is because they don’t have a mask mandate.”

Be careful of citing World o meters site. While the numbers for Maryland is the same as the state's official numbers, the numbers for Florida is way off. The site cites dozens of new daily deaths but Florida's official site only states a handful.


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D.C. Mayor Quietly Lifts Mask Requirements For Fully Vaccinated People, Even Indoors

The mayor’s office released updated guidance relating to masks in the District, with particular focus on those who have received both dose of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. In the section titled “Special Rules for Persons Who are Fully Vaccinated,” the new guidance states that unless someone is showing COVID-19 symptoms or has been diagnosed with the disease, a fully vaccinated person can:

  1. Gather indoors with other fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask or staying six feet apart;
  2. Gather indoors with unvaccinated people of any age from one other household (for example, visiting with relatives who all live together) without masks or staying six feet apart, unless any of those people or anyone they live with has an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19;
  3. Gather or conduct activities outdoors without wearing a mask except in crowded settings or venues;
  4. Travel in the United States without pre-departure, post-arrival, or post-return testing for COVID-19, unless exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19;
  5. Resume activities following travel without need to self-quarantine;
  6. Travel internationally without getting tested beforehand or self-quarantining afterwards, unless the destination country requires such testing before arrival. However, even fully vaccinated persons must: (a) show a negative test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before boarding an international flight to the United States; and (b) get tested for COVID-19 three to five days after return from international travel.
  7. Continue activities following exposure to someone with COVID-19, without need for testing or self-quarantine, unless the vaccinated person is symptomatic for COVID-19 or lives in a group setting such as a correctional institution, congregate care facility, or other group home, in which case self-quarantine for 14 days and testing are still required; and
  8. Be exempt from routine screening test requirements at any facility or among any group, unless they show symptoms of COVID-19 and unless the rules of that organization require screenings tests, notwithstanding vaccination status.
The new guidance also has specific rules for wearing masks indoors:

  1. Persons other than those who are fully vaccinated must wear a mask in the common areas of apartments, condominiums and cooperatives when passing through for a fleeting time. For events or longer stays in such common areas, even fully vaccinated people must continue to wear masks.
  2. Businesses, office buildings, and other establishments open to members of the public shall post signage on their exterior doors stating that a person may not enter unless the person is wearing a mask or is fully vaccinated. In addition, the business, office building, or other establishment shall exclude or attempt to eject persons who are not wearing masks or who remove their required masks, except in circumstances where the person is fully vaccinated and is permitted to conduct their activities without wearing a mask…
  3. Employers shall provide masks to their employees and may establish rules for mask wearing at their offices or facilities that are more stringent than the rules set forth herein.
  4. Businesses and other institutions are authorized to request to see someone’s vaccine card or other adequate proof of vaccination to verify whether they need to wear a mask within the establishment or at the event, consistent with any applicable federal or local law.
  5. If a business or other institution should require vaccination for admittance, registration, or employment, it must provide exceptions for those who are medically unable to be vaccinated and admit such persons, provided they are wearing a mask, on the other terms afforded to persons who are able to be vaccinated and who have been vaccinated, and must make such other accommodations for those whose sincerely held religious beliefs forbid them from being vaccinated. However, any one-time donation or incentive for those who are fully vaccinated need not be provided to those who are exempt from vaccination for medical or religious reasons.


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This Data On Masked Vs Unmasked Schools Will Be Ignored By The Mask Cult

The amount of data collected here, although not exhaustive, seems surprisingly voluminous and impressive:

When we launched the dashboard in early September, our first announcement included about 100,000 in-person students. All of the data in that wave came from schools and districts that opted-in to the study to provide their information. These data provided a first, early look at case rates in schools. The sample was selected, yes, but it provided a first look at case rates in schools.
The most recent wave of data, covering early February, includes about 12 million students, of whom 6 million were in-person (this is about 20% of all school enrollment in the US). At this stage of the process, we still collect data from districts and schools who opt-in. But we’re also pulling in comprehensive data at either the school or district level from a number of states (New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida). The result is data with less geographic balance but significantly more representativeness (and many more observations).