POLL: Page Load Times??

How is the page load time for you on the forums?

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How are the page load times for everyone here on the forums?

Some days for me, just about every click is responded to very quickly. Other days, its so-so.

Some days, like today, it seems that there is one delay after another.

I know that as my Browser consumes more and more memory, it slows down and I eventually have to restart it. It also seems like the network is better some days than others and that impacts any site I visit.

I'm just trying to see if I need to go server tuning next.


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This is one of the more responsive sites I visit. Social media sites draaaaaaaaaaag because of all the crap embedded in them, but these forums are typically pretty quick to load.
It is FAR better than the previous forum. I do get hesitations, but I know it's my browser and memory limitations. I was impressed with the load speed the first day it went online. Was going to tell you that, but somehow never got there.


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I would say depends on where I'm at. At home, pretty snappy. At work on our ancient T1 connection, can be slow.


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Any issues I have had with the Forum has been of the self-inflicted "browser tab overload thus slowing down the Forum" variety.

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You have yet to hear from your NMCI clientel. The government workers that stretch the limits of the forum every single work day. They probably have the best insight as to it's speed.