I hate pollen. Thought it woudn't be so bad after the rain, but it's horrible out there today. Took a ride down to Piney Point. You know why it's called "piney point", right? Pine trees. Lots of them. andthey make lots of pollen. As I'm getting close to the bridge, it looked like fog. Wasn't fog, just clouds of pollen.

And the high winds aren't helping. :grrrrrrr:


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I've been miserable for the last week or so. I didn't think it got polleny in NM, but it does. Big time. I started on Zyrtec-D a couple days ago so my face doesn't feel like cement.
The worst it does to me is make my throat a little scratchy and my skin itch. Not allergic, just an irritant. The sheer volume of pollen everywhere is just amazing, even made the nightly news.


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Is the pollen the fault of Trump or climate change? I think we need to hire Mueller to investigate - I hear he is looking for a new job.


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One of the TV networks ran a segment, tree limbs and trees coming down looked like pollen bombs. They showed one area where it was so heavy it just hung in the air in the valley -- like a fog.

Damn those enviromental wack jobs, if we could just get rid of those pesky trees.


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That is funny you said that. We installed those styrofoam gutter things when we moved to the foreign country of MoCo. and found a maple whirlybird tree garden on our roof. We have three maples in our yard. Too, funny. Since then, we have made a change. Happy Spring!

Also, we lost our lilac bushes to dry rot that the previous owners had planted 30 years ago, and the neighbors told us how good they smelled. And, now, it seems we have lost an old weeping cherry to a harsh winter. :bawl: But, we will replace. After all, Spring is about renewal.

As far as the pollen thing, I used to have the allergies over the years, but they abated for a long time. They’re back, so must be an, unusually, bad year.. Maybe due to electric cars.
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