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De Niro is a disgusting human. Period.

He has been at events and actualily said F Trump, when he knows darn well that Obama is progeny of a foreign national and did not qualify under our Constitution to be prez. I nominate De Niro for poster child of ultimate hypocrisy. Go Trump 2020!

And, think about that taxpayer money that went to this egotistical actor worth a lot of money, and probably has private armed security. FU De Niro.

If the Hollywooders keep this crap up, it will be the end of box office revenue, and Hollywood. We stopped going to theaters years ago before Hollywooders thought it was ok to chime in on politics. That is not entertainment. When we, now, choose movies to watch at home, we look at the actors’ political stance before we watch it. It has come to that.
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Does anyone wonder where Duponster is?
@Dupontster is doing quite well. His nurse said that social media and the internet were getting him too worked up and he had to cut back. Now he spends most of his time on farcebook complaining about imaginary kids playing on his lawn. :rolleyes: