Portis Unloads Frustration on Zorn


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If the front line continues NOT blocking, they wouldnt beat chopticon in a wildcard game..
I agree. Oddly enough I think they get better with Samuels and Jansen out.

Fabini isn't great but he gets the job done. Heyer is not there yet but is certainly on his way for a young man.

Samuels was just way too banged up to play as effective as he should and Jansen just plain out blows Jupiters balls.

Samuels will be better next year when he's healthy but he doesn't have much time left. We need to go the way of the Titans and draft one or two positions each year. For instance, the Titans spend all their picks on O-line and linebacker one year, nothing else. Same thing next year but with different positions.


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Be calm, all it well! :kevinbacon:

Rock Cartwright and London Fletcher, two of the team captains, spoke at a team meeting held this morning in the wake of Clinton Portis' comments Tuesday.

Cartwright said it was very important for Jim Zorn to address the issue head-on - "we put it all out there in the open," he said - and that that would allow both sides to move on.

Portis did not speak at the meeting, but Zorn told the team that both he and Portis probably had said some things they regretted, according to Cartwright.

Cartwright told his teammates they "need to stick together and hold each other accountable."

Fletcher urged the team to focus on the importance of the game Sunday in Cincinnati and said that, for the most part, "guys do believe" in what's going on here, but "every now and then guys need a little pushing."

Fletcher also asked his teammates to "believe in what's being called" and to "believe in each other."



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ASHBURN, Va. -- The rookie head coach and the flamboyant running back met to sort out their differences Wednesday.
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Jim Zorn and Clinton Portis were in need of a quick truce to stave off what has become Zorn's first major locker-room crisis with the Washington Redskins.

Miffed for several days over his lack of playing time in last week's 24-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Portis unleashed his frustrations about the coach's methods in a radio interview Tuesday, a threat to team chemistry heading into Sunday's must-win game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Wednesday began with team captains addressing a players-only meeting called before the Portis saga erupted. Zorn then addressed the team before meeting with Portis. According to kick returner Rock Cartwright, Zorn 'fessed up somewhat, admitting his own comments might have helped stoke the Portis tiff.

"Coach Zorn said he might have said some things he shouldn't have said," Cartwright said, "so both guys had some comments that they probably wish they didn't say. But what can you do now? It's already out there. It's been said, so just move forward from it."

Zorn and Portis were expected to address reporters following practice in the afternoon.

Portis, third in the NFL in rushing with 1,260 yards, had only 11 carries for 32 yards against the Ravens and was taken out of the game after the first drive of the second half. Zorn said Portis' lack of practice was starting to reflect in the running back's performance -- particularly in the passing game. So the coach went with backups Ladell Betts and Mike Sellers.

Portis has barely practiced for several weeks because of knee, rib and neck injuries. He has yet to miss a game.

He vigorously defended himself Tuesday on WTEM-AM. He said he knew the offense as well as just about anybody and accused Zorn of sending mixed messages. He sarcastically called Zorn a "genius" and said of the coaching staff: "I don't think they know what they want me to do."

The episode had a chance to turn ugly. Portis has always been outspoken and has become the high-paid face of the franchise. He was mentioned as a league MVP candidate earlier this season, when he was on pace for more than 1,800 yards and the team was 6-2.

Zorn, meanwhile, is finding his way after being promoted to head coach without ever serving as a coordinator. The coach is brutally honest when assessing players in public, and he didn't hesitate to berate Portis on the sideline earlier this season when Portis took himself out of a game without Zorn's knowledge.

"He's going through his first year as a head coach in this league. He's learning," quarterback Jason Campbell said. "There's things he's trying to adapt to. Us as players, we're trying to adapt to him also. Sometimes there are things that guys have to sit down and talk to each other about and make sure we're on the same page."

It doesn't help that the Redskins (7-6) have lost four of five to fall to last place in the NFC East. The last thing they need is a distraction.

"We've already met as a team; Clinton and Coach Zorn have already met," Campbell said. "From a standpoint of the team, the issue has died out already. But from the outside world, it'll probably go on for the rest of the week."

Ironically, Portis' lack of carries against the Ravens left him healthy enough to practice Wednesday. He was on the field in a helmet and red sweatpants as the Redskins began the workout.

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ESPN - Clinton Portis, Washington Redskins coach Jim Zorn meet


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Chris Cooley's Blog

Don't Fall Down Now

19 days before the season ends. "Don't fall down now we will never get up." Right now, it doesn't matter whats happened over the last month, what does matter is winning. We need to forget all the bull#### about who's playing bad, who's hurt, what Clinton said, why our offense can't score points and go to Cincinnati to get a win.

It's really up to us right now. Three wins is definitely something this team is capable of. Of course we need a little help, but I think it has to be expected that we will get it. If we can take care of business, like we know we can, we should put ourselves in the last wild card spot. Being in the playoffs is the only thing that matters right now. We just need to get hot and get ourselves in. The playoffs are everything.

So I'm not gonna get down. I know everyone is going to show up and practice their ass off today, because we always do and we're gonna start over today and say "it's just three wins." We are a great football team and if we play like it we will surprise a lot of people this month.

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Portis, Zorn Say All Is 'Cool'

Jason La Canfora reports:
Saying that he is "cool with everything," Clinton Portis met with the media this afternoon and added that what was said in a meeting with Coach Jim Zorn is "between me and Coach Zorn."

Asked if he and critical comments he made Tuesday about Zorn were a distraction, he said, "A distraction to what? We've lost four of five games."

Zorn, who said he is "absolutely" cool with everything today, said that Portis was confused about "where he stood." With the emotion stripped away, Zorn said the real issue is "just come in and talk." Zorn said he feels that if players are not proactive and don't come to coaches, sometimes the situation "is hard to read."

He added that Portis does not need to operate this way publicly, though he knows Portis has done so in the past. "That's what losing does," Zorn said. "Everybody gets upset."

Portis said that if Zorn had reached out to him Monday "then I wouldn't be up here talking to you all."

Zorn said that, in his mind, "I shouldn't have to seek that out." He added that he felt Portis had some legitimate concerns and "confusion" but believes the issues have been resolved.

Portis said that he said what he felt at the moment - "at that time I had some stuff built up" - and Zorn was not surprised by the outburst. "He's done this before, right?" Zorn said.

Portis clarified that he does not want to leave the Redskins. "I'm not going to severe ties," Portis said. "I love Mr. [Daniel] Snyder and Mr. Snyder loves me." Portis said that Snyder told him there is no way he is getting rid of him. Snyder and executive vice-president of football operations Vinny Cerrato declined a request for a comment.

When asked about being worried about his job security, Zorn replied, "Uh, no" and added that he is trying to build a long-term foundation here.

Zorn said he spoke briefly with Snyder about the incident Tuesday night, that he lost no sleep over it and that he wasn't worried about losing his team. Zorn said Snyder "acted very medium" about the dust-up and said, "This is Clinton."

Portis, Zorn Say All Is 'Cool' - Redskins Insider

I had to laugh at the bold.:lmao:


If that were Gibbs he would have said, "Clinton really fought his guts out in that radio interview".:lol:


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Zorn: 'We're All in It Together'

More highlights from Jim Zorn's post-practice press conference:

Asked if he regretted anything that might have set Clinton Portis off, Zorn said no, adding that he hopes he has not implied that he is above the team or not accountable for problems.

"We're all in it together," Zorn said. "We all have accountability and responsibility ... I'm trying to be transparent."

Zorn said he read a transcript of the Portis radio interview and thought it was "interesting." "I was just glad that he thought I was a genius," Zorn joked.
He was asked again about job security, and about some veiled reports about him being in trouble.

"I don't even know all that stuff is out there," Zorn said, adding, "it won't be up to me," and saying he wants to "better" all expectations of what he can accomplish here. He was also asked about players losing belief in his scheme and play calling.

"I don't fear that," Zorn said. "I think it can creep in, but I don't fear it ... In a time of crisis your belief system gets challenged."

Zorn: 'We're All in It Together' - Redskins Insider


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Zorn said he read a transcript of the Portis radio interview and thought it was "interesting." "I was just glad that he thought I was a genius," Zorn joked.

Well I already like Zorn again...I plan on that lasting awhile now :yahoo:


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Jansen Likely to Miss Cincy Game

</MTWEBLOGPOSTIFSHOW>[FONT=Times New Roman,times,serif]Right tackle Jon Jansen appears likely to be out for at least this week with his knee injury, Jim Zorn said.

DT Cornelius Griffin missed practice because of a pulled abdomenal muscle and was unable to do much. Zorn didn't sound overly optimistic about that situation.

LB Marcus Washington, Zorn said, could miss one more week with his ankle sprain, but he is expected to play against Philly.

CB Shawn Springs is still unable to do anything at practice with his calf strain (Springs continues to tell me he's playing, for what it's worth).

LB London Fletcher (foot) is expected to play again. S Chris Horton (shoulder) is also likely to play, Zorn said.

DT Kedric Golston is still limited by his bone spurs.

TE Todd Yoder says he will play despite his knee strain, but Zorn said he may not be ready, and that rookie TE Fred Davis is ready. ("Fred's been working hard," Zorn said.)

Zorn also pointed out that RB Clinton Portis practiced fully. "He went hard," Zorn said. "He kept looking back at me and smiling."


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What Portis Said, Day 2

</MTWEBLOGPOSTIFSHOW>[FONT=Times New Roman,times,serif]Dan Steinberg's D.C. Sports Bog has a thorough account of Clinton Portis's comments today. Highlights include:
"I didn't speak for nobody else, I'm not the voice of the team, I'm not the voice of reason. I spoke for myself."​
"We're not gonna sever ties. You know, I'm a Washington Redskin. You know, I love Mr. Snyder, Mr. Snyder love me, that's my man. You know, he kept me around, him and Vinny. Coach got an appreciation from me. I think yesterday it was just aggravation, losing four games, everybody want to win."​
"I'm gonna speak my mind, so it's gonna cause trouble every now and then."​
Again, much more on the Bog ...

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This could help...

...keep in mind, the Redskins haven't been blown out by anybody. Dallas is in our reach as is Philly. I can't see us beating the Giants or Panthers, teams with two solid lines. We could play with the Bucs and Saint's and, maybe, the Falcons.

Maybe win a wild car game. :buddies:

O-Line Gets Help...

The Redskins added depth to the offensive line this week, signing Devin Clark from the practice squad and free agents Will Montgomery and D’Anthony Batiste.

Clark and Montgomery signed on Tuesday, while Batiste completed his deal on Wednesday morning.

As expected, the Redskins have placed Chris Samuels on injured reserve. Samuels suffered a torn triceps in the second half of last Sunday’s game against Baltimore.

The team also placed Justin Geisinger on injured reserve. Geisinger re-injured his knee during the Ravens game.

The Redskins also released defensive end Erasmus James on Tuesday. They have not announced a replacement for his roster spot yet.

With Clark signing to the roster, the Redskins tweaked their practice squad roster.

The team signed guard Rueben Riley, a first-year player who was on the Carolina Panthers’ practice squad last year.

The team also added wide receiver Marques Hagans to the practice squad. Hagans has played in six career games with the St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs, totaling nine receptions for 108 yards. He played his college ball at Virginia.

Clark, 6-4 and 312 pounds, spent the first 14 weeks on the Redskins’ practice squad.

He originally signed with the Redskins on May 2 as an undrafted rookie free agent out of New Mexico.

Montgomery, 6-3 and 312 pounds, is in his third NFL season. He has played in 13 career games, starting six, with the Carolina Panthers and New York Jets. He was waived by the Jets on Oct. 14.

He initially entered the NFL as a seventh-round draft pick (234th overall) of the Panthers. The Virginia Tech product started four games as a rookie.

Montgomery, who hails from Clifton, Va., and attended nearby Centreville High School, is no stranger to Redskins Park. He worked out for coaches and scouts in 2006 as part of the team’s local college tryout.

Batiste, 6-4 and 313 pounds, started four games at guard for the Atlanta Falcons in 2007.

He originally signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2006. He spent time on the Cowboys practice squad that year, but later signed on with the Carolina Panthers’ roster.

Batiste played college football at University of Louisiana-Lafayette.


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I agree. Oddly enough I think they get better with Samuels and Jansen out.

Samuels was just way too banged up to play as effective as he should and Jansen just plain out blows Jupiters balls.

Samuels will be better next year when he's healthy but he doesn't have much time left.You're hooked on the Hopium, huh?

Samuels is giving Jupiter the reach around while Jansen is on his balls. I've never really been impressed by his play and personally I think he's way over rated.


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Samuels is giving Jupiter the reach around while Jansen is on his balls. I've never really been impressed by his play and personally I think he's way over rated.
I've always thought Samuels was slightly over-rated but not overly. Apparently the players and coaches don't feel the same since they keep sending him to the pro-bowl.:shrug: