Potato chip companies exhale…Junior Mints wins’ lawsuit alleging mostly air in box


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Junior Mints may be chocolate, peppermint and delicious, but allegations their boxes are deceptively large do not constitute consumer fraud, a Chicago federal judge ruled this week.

A lawsuit brought by an Illinois woman last year against Tootsie Roll Industries, the Chicago-based makers of Junior Mints, was dismissed on the grounds that there were no actual damages in buying a box that was more air than candy — so-called slack fill packaging.


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Some lawyer took this woman's "case".

Think about that.

If I called my guy and said, "Hey Dave, I want to sue the Junior Mint company because the package isn't filled all the way up," he'd be like, "... ... Are you drinking right now?"

How do these people find low rent lawyers who'll represent them in crap lawsuits? How did that McDonald's lady find a lawyer who would even attempt to make a case that she deserves compensation because she spilled coffee that was the standard hot coffee temperature on her own self? And yet these ghetto lottery people seem to know all the shysters.

Seriously, how do they find these people?


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Apparently they are a dime a dozen nowadays. She probably hired one of those 'as seen on TV' lawyers that claim you don't have to pay them anything unless they win your case
For years and years every package had a clearly written note that everyone I'm sure can recite by memory.

"This package is sold by weight, not by volume."

"Some settling of contents may have occured."