Pouring Babbitt bearings on a Ford Model T Engine Block


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When I was a kid (10 to 16 or so) I hung around a garage run by an old guy. He was a master at babbitting bearings. He tried to teach me but I never seemed to grasp it. He was the go to guy for old tractors and vehicles. I never mastered bearings but he sure did teach me a lot. I wish I had gleaned more of his knowledge. RIP Red, you were a great guy.

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Ive poured many a babbit bearing, that was the norm on vintage geared and gearless elevator hoist machines.
I used to own two Bucyrus Erie percussion drill rigs, one was pre roller bearing, I repoured all the bearings when I bought it.
Machining the cuts for lubrication is harder than pouring the bearing halfs.


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I poured and cut all the babbitt bearings in my '27 Dodge engine. I worked as an automotive machinist at a shop that was started in the 1930s and still had all the older shop equipment to do work like that..

I stripped and turned/rewound/restored the armature in that electric horn too. Oooga..