Pow Wow Docs - Amish faith healers


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You learn something new every day. I bet it's better than obamacare. Anyone have any experience or stories of this practice?

North American traditional medicine and folk magic originating in the culture of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Blending aspects of folk religion with healing charms, "powwowing" includes a wide range of healing rituals used primarily for treating ailments in humans and livestock, as well as securing physical and spiritual protection, and good luck in everyday affairs.

is it magic if it works?

The practice of Pow-Wow remains in Berks County today as it has for the past 160 years. Local residents respect the healers because it is believed their talents come directly from God. Ann Hark best describes Pow-Wow by saying: “Take one part faith and one part superstition, add a dash of sheer coincidence, mix thoroughly, and presto! Anything can happen – and often does.”

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