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Alright, maybe she's right. Mrs. GregV has mildly suggested with a 12 pound sledge hammer that I've become a tad cynical and disenfranchised. (that's the new word for aghast...or something, I wasn't paying attention)

Governor Hogan, according to Politico, has been campaigning in States for Republican candidates who left the fold because of the mean old orange man. Slamming the former President, he wants to re-unite the Republican Party, and Oh!!! by the way, announce his candidacy for President of the United States in 2024.

Holy Cow!!! Stevie Wonder saw that coming.

Dr. Jill, Jumi, Kamela, whatever.


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I don't know Hogan's reasons for hating on Donald Trump .Maybe it's jealousy, or maybe it's something else.
Hogan is another recipient of political privilege and --------.His father was a Maryland politician.
Perhaps it is following in daddy's footsteps. His father called for Nixon's impeachment. Maybe it's because Larry was born into politics and doesn't want a new-comer showing up the old politicians.

I didn't know he was actively campaigning in other states for RINO's, but I take this post at it's word mainly because of his known dislike for President Trump. I voted for fat Larry ---twice . The first time because I thought he would do a good job, the second because the guy running against him was far too left. Larry keeps calling for bi-Partisanship but his Bi-Partisanship is kissing Democrats asses.

I don't know yet who will be the Republican Presidential candidate, but IMO we can do far better than Larry Hogan who says he wants to Unite the Republican party , but is going about it by attacking the best Republican President since Ronald Reagan .Attacking the man that a large majority of Republicans believe in is IMO not a good move. In fact it's a stupid move. I don't know who I will vote for, but it won't be Larry Hogan.
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