Pretty day on the river


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It was a pretty day for a hike, too! Not hot, not humid, not buggy. :yay:

We got in a couple of miles on one of the ACLT trails today. Thing1 had never hiked there before, so we took him to try it out. He might be hooked! :getdown:


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Like landblubber that I am, spent the day at the beach at Navy Solomon's, yelling at the kids not to go too deep and building sand castles. Looking wistfully at the boats passing by. Glorious day.


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Only the port engine working? Or are you on autopilot going around the island?

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Wuht da fuq? Both of the old Chrysler's ran like sewing machines...over and back. Like they always do. 980 hours on the meter...1974 318s...and they run like brand new.


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The left control is the transmission, left and right. The right control is the left and right throttles.
He's in forward gear near idle speed on both engines.


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I did not get out this weekend. Church opening at 4 pm Saturday, I'm a bouncer, I mean usher, now so it would not have made sense to try and get out and Sunday we did our drive thru chicken dinner. NEXT weekend though, I will be burning some gas and soaking in the UV rays.