Products for Wavy, Fine Hair


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I have fairly long wavy/curly fine hair. It's been highlighed twice and is fairly dry. I have tried many products to help bring out the curl, but none have really worked. Or, more to the point, the humidity/rain/fog/typical Maryland weather ruin any boost they can give.

I have tried too many products to list, but here are a few:

Garnier Fructis hard and soft curl cream and gel
White Rain mousse
John Frieda Dream Curls spray and Frizz Ease
L'Oreal frizz serum

Does anyone have any suggestions for products or hair tools to help? I don't want to straighten my hair because it gets too dry and breaks off. Would a perm be worth it?


curiouser and curiouser
Have you tried Curls Rock by Tigi? It's part of their Catwalk line. I found that it worked pretty well, but I have thick hair, so I'm not sure how it would do on fine hair. I'm a firm believer in asking my stylist for product recommendations because she's the one who has had her hands on my hair and can tell me what will work.

I'm not sure about taking the perm route, although I don't see why it wouldn't work, if you want your hair to be curly every day. I'd talk it over with a stylist, and see if that's the right fit for your hair type. :yay:
I used to use Curls Rock, but after a while, it make my hair look oily (too much silicone product in it).

I have thick curly hair, and I use Joico's Ice Whip designing foam (aka mousse). Not sure how it would work on fine hair. However, it is a mousse that's recommended for curly hair. :shrug:


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For the dryness of your hair, use the Redken Clear Moisture moist ends. It comes in a light blue bottle. I love this stuff, no matter what type of hair, it will keep your hair nice and moist to comb through and especially helps for highlighting.