Promoting more violence


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Eric Holder: 'When they go low, we kick them'

This guy used to be the top guy in enforcing the law - promoting violence against political opponents.

I'm telling you, these people are terrorists.
And...since you didn't bother because it doesn't make your propaganda is the next line he spoke:

"When I say we kick them, I don’t mean we do anything inappropriate, we don’t do anything illegal, but we have to be tough and we have to fight," Holder said.


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And ... since you didn't bother because it doesn't make your propaganda point
you imply disparity where the is none

... here is the next line he spoke:

Speaking of Propaganda

Anyone or Anything that does not conform to YOUR World View is Either Ignorant, Uneducated or Selfish .....

Every post you make is against anyone or any group that doesn't conform to your propagandist viewpoints.
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And...since you didn't bother because it doesn't make your propaganda is the next line he spoke:
Holder doesn't want to do anything illegal, just use taxpayer funds to buy guns to give to Mexican drug cartels, right? Just that good honest legal stuff he does. Like, stop the prosecution of New Black Panthers - just good stuff like that.

I'm going to ask you again, do you even think before you post? I mean, is kicking someone when they're down an ethical position to take? What do you think "kick them" means? You're defending the indefensible. You pointed out to me that I stand for "wrong is wrong", and that shocked you on SoMD. Now, you are espousing the position that wrong is indeed NOT wrong, because if one side goes low, the other side is therefore "required" to go lower - Holder's position is that it is not only justified it is required to do. "Wrong is not wrong" is what Holder is saying; you're defending that.

Try thinking, just once. I promise it won't hurt. It might even feel good for you, you jackass.


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Now, when Holder calls into question the legitimacy of our governing institutions, and Maxine Waters tells her supporters to follow Republicans around and "tell them they're not welcome anywhere," and Hillary Clinton assures us that liberals "cannot be civil" because Republicans are so evil, and Mazie Hirono justifies mob behavior by calling the mobbing hordes "motivated," and Cory Booker exhorts his base to "get up in the faces" of Republican congressmen, we must conclude one of two things:

1) These leading Democrats are too stupid to know what they're doing.

2) These leading Democrats know exactly what they're doing.

I do not think they're stupid. That leaves only the second option. The only real question is whether Democrats are simply unconcerned with the violence they might cause or if they actively want the violence. I think there is plenty of reason to suspect the latter.


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Especially when used in conjunction with the word "fight" :rolleyes:
And when his compatriots are running around saying Trump supporters must be accosted in public places and "get in their faces", and the Borg Queen is saying that she and her mob will be civil once they are given power.


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That's not what the leftist mob heard, and if you had a shred of honesty, you'd admit it.
Yes. When they go low we kick them------and the crowd Cheered.
That is a pretty good inclination of what the crowd heard---and cheered.

Tuff for Tranny to understand that.


And...since you didn't bother because it doesn't make your propaganda is the next line he spoke:
Yeah, because as we've seen through Maxine's rhetoric, you libs decided it serves you better to just resort to violence, despite those caveats.

And I promise you, the crowd and other little Holder/Hillary/Maxine lemmings stopped listening at "kick them"
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