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Arizona national forest’s 1-ton boulder called 'Wizard Rock' goes missing

A 1-ton boulder known as the “Wizard Rock” has mysteriously vanished from a national forest in Arizona.

The popular landmark, described as “a beautiful black boulder with white quartz running through it,” went missing two weeks ago from Prescott National Forest, the U.S. Forest Service said Monday in a news release. It was believed someone used “heavy equipment” to remove the boulder.



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Geez, could people get any bolder?


Yeah, whatever
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Here in our campground they sell hollowed out boulders to use as bath tubs. I wouldn't put 1 of those on a 2nd story bathroom. They look like they way a couple of tons.


Visualize whirled peas
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Years ago I saw a fossilized dinosaur turd that looked just like that, maybe just a little smaller.