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Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.[a]​

a. Proverbs 3:6 Or will direct your paths

Oh I know a lot of good little boys and girls who have memorized this proverb.

Back when I was a kid... way back... we're talking first or second grade... my dad made sure that my sister and I got to go to the local Baptist Church for Vacation Bible School. That was the year I learned to screen paint.... and I memorized the twenty third psalm. Years later I learned that the screen printing was a ruse to get me there... and the psalm was a seed they planted so my whole life would be guarded by God. That was over 60 years .... six decades.... ago and I still remember the verse and the screen printing box... so it must have worked.

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This (verse 5 here), applies to all believers, but even more to those who are in the service to God. God never chose any man or woman to work for Him because of their training and ability within themselves. God chooses people like Jeremiah who was just a lad with no formal training; and God put the words in Jeremiah's mouth to give to the people. You may read all about it (in chapter 1 of Jeremiah). When we depend upon our own ability, we fall very short. For a minister of God to be effective, it must be God speaking through him.

Three commands are given (in verses 5 and 6): Trust, meaning “rely on, depend on”; Lean not, meaning do not depend on your own native instincts, and Acknowledge him, meaning have fellowship and intimacy with God in all of life. The result of such devotion is that God will make the paths straight before you.​

This is from GodVine.

In all thy ways acknowledge him - Begin, continue, and end every work, purpose, and device, with God. Earnestly pray for his direction at the commencement; look for his continual support in the progress; and so begin and continue that all may terminate in his glory: and then it will certainly be to thy good; for we never honor God, without serving ourselves. This passage is well rendered in my old MS. Bible: Have trost in the Lord of all thin herte and ne lene thou to thi prudence: in all thi weys think hym, and he shal right rulen thi goyuges; ne be thou wiis anentis thiself. Self-suf ficiency and self-dependence have been the ruin of mankind ever since the fall of Adam. The grand sin of the human race is their continual endeavor to live independently of God, i.e., to be without God in the world. True religion consists in considering God the fountain of all good, and expecting all good from him.

It's not easy to trust God. There are a lot of people out there with some really twisted visions of what God would do in almost any situation. Preachers, priests, and church leaders think they know everything. They spout proper prayers.... but the words in those prayers are just skewed... just a tad.... because in their understanding... it's wiser to preach to this point than the point intended by God.

The preacher who burned the first Bible I got that I could understand because it wasn't a KJV ["the only true Bible" according to him] was acting on his own understanding. The preacher's mother who had an abortion because being pregnant then would be hard on them, believing that God is ok with it if she prayed first.... was working on her own understanding. My dear friend who would ask God a question and then throw her Bible on the table, then punch her finger on a verse on the page the book happened to open to, to get the response "from God"... is working on her own understanding.

The Bible says get two witnesses.... that's why things are repeated over and over again in the Bible. These days it's hard to know if the witnesses are telling the truth. After all.... some think if they call an apple a banana long enough... then they will be able to sell you an apple because the banana caused the fall of man. The false prophets and witnesses are talking to people too.

Ask God... He will show you. It is a fact.

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