PSA: Be careful when driving...


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And if you can't stop to dodge traffic and remove the turtle, at least try not to run it over. Someone else will run it over and provide a meal for the scavengers, but you don't need that on your karma. The spirit of the animal will haunt your car and turn it into Christine.


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If it is a big snapping turtle take it home cleanse it and then eat it they taste like chicken
I stopped and picked one of those up once. I didn't realize how long it's neck could out until his mouth was wide open and a few inches from my hand. It startled me so bad, I yelled and tossed him like a frisbee. Then I felt bad, walked over to the trees where he landed, he seemed fine.


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Hub and I saved many a turtle on the road when we lived in Calvert. And, a turtle nested in our yard because we lived off of Longs Cove and had the creek that went to Cypress Swamp on our property. They were under our deck and we were :jameo: But left them alone and then they were gone. We assumed all worked out. Go, turtles! Remember they win races against hares.


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I learned about snapping turtles at the very young age of about 5 years. My cousin had 2 of them in bushel baskets and they were so large, they couldn't lay flat in the bottom of the baskets. Once the head is separated from the body, it will continue to "snap" for hours and is still a danger. As I said, evil incarnate...