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A 56 Bel Air was the first customer that screwed with me when I had a gas station job at 16.

Told me to fill it up and walked into the office so he and my boss could sit there and laugh while I searched the vehicle looking for the fill point.



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LOL. Reminds me of the sign one of the inhabitants of our gummint office cubicle farm put on the outside of his cubbie wall after we held a rather contentiously debated vote on whether our office space would be smoke-free or not. The smokers won...barely. He put up a big sign that said, simply: "Thank You For Holding Your Breath While I Smoke"...


Beloved Misanthrope
Updated Death Certificates Require Choosing Between COVID, Climate Change, Or Systemic Racism As Cause Of Death



Beloved Misanthrope
PSA: If You Have Liberals In Your Neighborhood, Remember To Check Your Kids' Halloween Candy For Hidden Vaccines Needles