Psaki Threatens 'Months and Months' of 'Sacrifice' and 'Suffering'


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As of this writing, the vaccination rate in America is 1.7 million a day, making it the world leader. This rate alone does not indicate “months and months” of suffering and sacrifice are needed in order to make sure Americans will be safe from the pandemic.

Moreover, the additional precautions such as the “mask mandates” Psaki said are coming down the line aren’t going to help the situation, especially when you have states like Florida showing up the rest of America with its thriving economy and a near-total absence of lockdown procedures or mask requirements. Meanwhile, states like California have nearly draconian measures and have a ruined economy and extensive infection rate.

What’s the point of having months and months of sacrifice and suffering when we have the solution and the methods of how to get through this right in front of us? Why waste this much time, money, and effort?

It’s unclear, and in the absence of particulars, the only good conclusion to come to is that what we’re really dealing with isn’t a virus, it’s Democrat Party theatrics. Sadly, these theatrics are actually hurting people. As my colleague, Nick Arama, reported earlier today, during the same press conference, Psaki was asked to confirm whether or not New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was still the “gold standard” when it came to dealing with the Coronavirus.



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This sh--er---uhhh Crap, will not stop until Americans get a bellyful of it and say Fuk it I aint weareing no mask no more.

Yes i do have a better knowledge off proper English i just want to get my message thorugh.