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Today I was enjoying a glass of Chambord. If you are unfamiliar with Chambord, it's a raspberry & blackberry liqueur. The flavor is reminiscent of an ice cream bar the neighborhood market sold when I was a kid. Anyone else remember a Purple Fink ice cream bar? It wasn't all that popular and in my travels I never see it for sale. There isn't much written about it on the internet. I did find this old ad.



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Oh god Chambord is complete ass.

I was road crew/light man for a local heavy metal outfit during the early to mid 80s and we enjoyed shots of chilled Chambord before shows and after parties. Sort of a status thing (haha), since most of our audience were domestic beer drinkers. The last time I remember having any, my best man found a couple of minis of it somewhere and we consumed them in the churchyard to calm my nerves and toast the day, about 15 minutes before my lovely bride arrived.

We were wed in a non-air conditioned chapel in August. :hot: That's the last time she got to pick the date for anything we did.


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My bartender days, long ago, there was a shot called a jelly doughnut, Chambord , baileys and whipped cream. Tasted just like a jelly doughnut.


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I made some raspberry sauce for my vanilla ice cream. Ended up putting the ice cream on top of a few thin slices of pound cake. But it's a lot of work for a small yield. Ended up with about 2 cups of sauce from 2 containers of raspberries.

Yesterday's kitchen adventure included making strawberry ice cream. The berries are in season. I sliced them then added some sugar and triple sec. Then that sat overnight. I think peach ice cream will be up next. I want to add a bit of cinnamon to that.

Then I'm off to Wyoming next month where I intend to eat my weight in huckleberry ice cream.
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