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Does anyone know where there is a website that you can search for song lyrics BY song lyric . . . ? I know this would be pretty tough - not to mention the size of the database. I have found searches by artist, title, album, etc. But what do you do if you just have a piece of the chorus in your head and can't remember the singer?

Also - if you personally could ease my pain - that would be acceptable!

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It is a slower melodic song - female singer backed by band (If I remember correctly she has long wavy brown hair). I think it was early '90's. She had another hit that would be easier to identify - but it is one of those on the tip of my brain things . . . .


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I've actually had pretty good luck using Google. I just type in the part I can remember and can usually find a link to the lyrics. Of course, sometimes you have to wade through quite a bit of crap before you get to what you're looking for.


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I usually just type in "Lyrics", and then go to one of the sites...

Damn, now I'm trying to figure out who did it!


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Originally posted by Barbra

That would be Edie Brickell & New Bohemians from Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars! I have that tape in my car (yes! I said tape and it's from 1988! :razz2: ). :biggrin:

Hey, I still have an 8-track!


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Originally posted by Barbra

:eek: Okay, BK, that is just really lame. :razz2:'s really true!
It's in a box, but it still works.

As a matter of fact, there are some songs that I heard first, and then heard over and over, that were on an 8 track. As a result, to this day, when I hear those songs, I still remember when the "click" came in!
Boy, am I showin' MY age!