Questioner at Biden Town Hall Was a Former Obama Administration Speechwriter


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A lot of people tell me Joe Biden is a shoo-in and Donald Trump doesn’t stand a chance in 2020. I remain skeptical, for two reasons: 1) The same people said the same thing about Ol’ Whatsername in 2016, and they still can’t admit they were wrong; and 2) Journalists and other Democrats sure aren’t acting like they believe it. If Biden has got it locked, why are both Facebook and Twitter trying to censor news stories that could hurt him? And why do our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press keep putting their thumb on the scale, sending in ringers to portray “undecided voters” during town hall events?

Tyler Owen, Fox News:
Two of the questioners at the ABC town hall featuring Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday had ties to high-profile Democrats, including one questioner who previously worked as a speechwriter in the Obama administration.
One of the questioners at the ABC-hosted event was Nathan Osburn, a former speechwriter for the Obama [administration]. Osburn specifically worked for the Office of Public Affairs at the Commerce Department under the Obama-Biden administration and at the Small Business Administration…
Osburn was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer earlier this year as “a former Obama administration speechwriter” who had created a “Philly for Pete group” aimed at boosting former Democratic presidential primary candidate Pete Buttigieg.