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Who would you rather watch: Chappelle or a (checks notes) wokescold guy in lipstick and earrings telling white people how horrible they are?

These people are always interesting in that they spend a lot of time ranting about everything that offends them without thinking for one second how offensive they are themselves.

Not just because he wants to be called a woman, but because he DEMANDS you not only call him a woman but completely and unquestioningly believe he's a woman. AND! you must put aside everything you believe in, everything that is sacred to you, in order to accommodate his personal problem. It's this complete lack of self-awareness and self-absorption that fascinates me. How can someone claiming to be so woke be so obtuse?


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God made Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve!
Those bigots are too ignorant to realize that is was because of a Man and a Woman that they were born.
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the Canadian Human Right commission just fined 2 people for misgendering an fellow employee employer

Implementing MANDATORY or Compelled Speech
How long before they try that here? That is a Constitutional red line the left shouldn't try to cross.