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Broadway’s ‘Lion King’ interpreter fired for being white settles case after backlash

“Keith Wann, though an amazing ASL performer, is not a black person and therefore should not be representing Lion King,” Shelly Guy, the director of ASL for “The Lion King,” told Lisa Carling, the director of the Theatre Development Fund’s accessibility programs, in an email.

Wann’s decision to take the case up in court was met with online backlash from the deaf community.

“You disgusted me,” Randy Spann, host of the deaf talk show The Real Talk with Randy, said in video response to Wann’s lawsuit. “Enough is enough. Let black people get their opportunities to get a spotlight.”

In a viral TikTok video, deaf performer Raven Sutton blasted Wann for his decision to sue the theatre group.

“This is not discrimination,” Sutton signed on the video that amassed over 57,000 views. “Reverse racism is not a thing. Stop taking all the jobs when we have black interpreters that are the better fit. Wipe your own white tears because we are not going to do it for you.”


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This is just affirmative action in the theater and entertainment business.

Hire the knee grow in spite of better qualified people.


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" a better fit"? To translate the words of a cartoon lion? How does skin color make you better suited to translate a fictional animals words?

Deeper, I think we need a Danish ASL person. Or maybe English, since an Englishman wrote the story..... I mean if they want to lionwash Hamlet.......


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Should coloreds stop using whiteys cars, guns, airplanes, food, tv, radio, refrigeration, electricity ect?
After all that they still have hollow logs for drums.


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And I want to point out that these indoctrinated wokester racists don't represent black people any more than Alyssa Milano or Rob Reiner or any of the brazillion white indoctrinated wokester racists represent me.

That's one of the things (some) white people do that pisses me off - they're all "blacks this" and "blacks that", but when some black person says "whites this and that" they get all indignant and offended. They happily lump all black people together but get bent when white people are lumped.


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BIPOC cannot be racist, they do not white power
And as I've said before, they believe that WHITES are racist, not white persons. (This is not a NEW idea, by the way).The race is racist, because as a whole they wield more power than blacks do. Hence, they can demonstrate all the bigotry they want against whites, from their opinion, it isn't racist.

I do not agree with this opinion - I do not place a negative label on a RACE any more than I do against a gender, ethnicity or any other kind of identity. A person stands or falls and is judged on what they do individually.


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How do I say this and not appear racist.?
We all know that there are many honest , peace loving ,intelligent, and good American blacks. But we also know who are killing each other in the ghetto, we know who also causes the most discipline problems in the schools and who lag behind in scholarship. We know the majority of whom are aborting their children while crying about the white man pushing genocide. We know who goes into riot mode and break into stores shoplifting in gangs.We know that a white majority in Congress passed Civil Rights legislation and passed Affirmative action. These same people are now considered white supremacists.

Do I believe the Congressional Black Caucus and BLM and Al Sharpton and others are racist.?
I do and I have more proof of that than they have that I and other whites are white supremacists.

Are there white supremacists ---yes there are, but their numbers are far fewer than the number of blacks who hate whites. Most white people do not care about blacks in their neighborhoods until the number reaches such that the neighborhood is no longer safe and they have to move. The real irony is that by that time the decent blacks are moving too.


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How do I say this and not appear racist.?
There's probably nothing you can do. It depends on your audience.

But part of the difference is, blacks view racism as a societal thing, not as a personal thing. It CAN be personal, but that's not what gets their attention. It's the difference between a common reaction that, say, an older white person might have being on an elevator and a bunch of white teen males get on - and the feeling they'd have if they were black. They believe the pre-judging and the likelihood of FEAR in the second instance is an example of the societal problem of racism. There are a whole HOST of stereotypical reactions that society is likely to exhibit with blacks, that they won't, with whites.

That was an EXAMPLE - I could come up with many.

I think racism is more nuanced than that. A friend of mine once said that most prejudices - about ANYTHING - is based on experience. If every dog you have ever seen is a creature that BITES you, you will automatically fear it, even if it's a cocker spaniel puppy. My youngest, from China, was beyond terrified of all small animals, to the point of screaming and crying hysterically. (She's fine now - our dog sleeps with her at night, for example).

I believe this sort of thing IS perpetuated by this idea, however. The idea of society being racist, and so individual racism on the part of a black person or a Asian or Latino person gets excused. It disincentivizes whites to engage, because their input is assaulted before they try.