Quran 10:93-109 Wise Up!


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Quran 10:93. And We settled the Children of Israel in a position of honor, and provided them with good things. They did not differ until knowledge came to them. Your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection regarding their differences.
94. If you are in doubt about what We revealed to you, ask those who read the Scripture before you. The truth has come to you from your Lord, so do not be of those who doubt.
95. And do not be of those who deny God’s revelations, lest you become one of the losers.
96. Those against whom your Lord’s Word is justified will not believe.
97. Even if every sign comes to them—until they see the painful punishment.
98. If only there was one town that believed and benefited by its belief. Except for the people of Jonah. When they believed, We removed from them the suffering of disgrace in the worldly life, and We gave them comfort for a while.
99. Had your Lord willed, everyone on earth would have believed. Will you compel people to become believers?
100. No soul can believe except by God’s leave; and He lays disgrace upon those who refuse to understand.
101. Say, “Look at what is in the heavens and the earth.” But signs and warnings are of no avail for people who do not believe.
102. Do they expect anything but the likes of the days of those who passed away before them? Say, “Then wait, I will be waiting with you.”
103. Then We save Our messengers and those who believe. It is binding on Us to save the believers.
104. Say, “O people, if you are in doubt about my religion—I do not serve those you serve apart from God. But I serve God, the one who will terminate your lives. And I was commanded to be of the believers.”
105. And dedicate yourself to the true religion—a monotheist—and never be of the polytheists.
106. And do not call, apart from God, on what neither benefits you nor harms you. If you do, you are then one of the wrongdoers.
107. If God afflicts you with harm, none can remove it except He. And if He wants good for you, none can repel His grace. He makes it reach whomever He wills of His servants. He is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
108. Say, “O people, the truth has come to you from your Lord. Whoever accepts guidance is guided for his own soul; and whoever strays only strays to its detriment. I am not a guardian over you.”
109. And follow what is revealed to you, and be patient until God issues His judgment, for He is the Best of judges.

It's an easy read... right? Here's the commentary.

It should be noted that the person addressed in the Holy Qur’ån is not always the Prophet, though the form may be singular, as here. It is very often the reader. Nor do the words revealed to thee show that the Prophet is meant, for the Holy Qur’ån is in many places spoken of as being revealed to all the people, as, for instance, “That which has been revealed to us”, and “We have revealed to you a Book” . The opening words of the next section make it clear that the reader is addressed, because there we have: “Say: O people, if you are in doubt as to my religion” (v. 104). Throughout the Holy Qur’ån the Holy Prophet appears as having the greatest certainty about the word which was revealed to him, so much so that he never entertained the sligthest doubt about the truth of the promises of future success and triumph when, to the material eye, there appeared nothing around but failure and disappointment. In the very next verse the words are, be not of those who reject the messages of Allåh, which shows clearly that it is the Prophet’s opponents who are addressed here.
Compare Jonah 3:10: “And God saw their works that they turned from their evil way, and God repented of the evil that He had said that He would do unto them, and He did it not”. He bears a resemblance to the Holy Prophet in that his people benefited by the warning, as did the Arabs by the warning of the Prophet, though after much opposition. Jonah is thus the type of a prophet whose people were dealt with mercifully.​
Compare 2:256: “There is no compulsion in religion”. The reference is to the great zeal of the Holy Prophet and his over-exerting himself in preaching the Truth: “Maybe thou wilt kill thyself with grief, sorrowing after them, if they believe not in this announcement”.​
Those who will not understand the truth will find uncleanness cast on them. That is only natural. The word rijs also means punishment , and the significance, in that case, is that those who care not for the warning must receive the punishment.

There is an abundance of signs in nature itself but man heeds them not.

We don't have to be Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. It's not required to be part of the human race. Being either Jewish or Christian or Muslim is not a requirement either. These are just religions.... God is God.... He's the one we are supposed to be learning about. He's the one we are supposed to be following.

Sure Jesus is still important to me. He is, after all, the Son of God. God said so in the Bible. However, God is the Father.... He's got the higher rank. Jesus listened to God.... there's your Christian example..... Jesus believed God was the one and only.

We don't have to be Jewish to read about Moses and his laws. The Torah is in our Bible. We learn the same laws in Jewish traditions as we do in Christian traditions.

The Muslims.... they had Mary's potential goddess-ness shoved down their throats. So they don't believe Jesus, the son of Mary, could possibly be the Son of God. They buy every other truth..... Muslims worship the One and Only Living God the same as we do.

In my opinion they get a bad rap because some people won't let the Mary worship go. And money comes from Mary worship.... right? On top of that... they have to deal with the "bastard brother from another mother" garbage too.

Abraham had three women. There was Sara... Isaac's mom, Hagar.... Ishmael's mom, and Keturah.... gave him six sons who made up the Arab nations. There are a lot of "brothers from another mother" to be concerned about... right?

Jonah went to Nineveh to warn the humans they better "wise up".

Jonah went to Nineveh with a message from the One True Living God.... and they listened and they "wised up".

The message is the same..... "Love God with all your Heart Mind and Soul".

Wise Up!