Quran 11:25-35 He wants you to think about it.


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Quran 11: 25. We sent Noah to his people, “I am to you a clear warner.”
26. “That you shall worship none but God. I fear for you the agony of a painful Day.”
27. The notables who disbelieved among his people said, “We see in you nothing but a man like us, and we see that only the worst among us have followed you, those of immature judgment. And we see that you have no advantage over us. In fact, we think you are liars.”
28. He said, “O my people, Have you considered? If I stand on clear evidence from my Lord, and He has given me a mercy from Himself, but you were blind to it, can we compel you to accept it, even though you dislike it?”
29. “O my people! I ask of you no money for it. My reward lies only with God. And I am not about to dismiss those who believed; they will surely meet their Lord. And I see that you are ignorant people.
30. “O my people! Who will support me against God, if I dismiss them? Will you not give a thought?”
31. “I do not say to you that I possess the treasures of God, nor do I know the future, nor do I say that I am an angel. Nor do I say of those who are despicable in your eyes that God will never give them any good. God is Aware of what lies in their souls. If I did, I would be one of the wrongdoers.”
32. They said, “O Noah, you have argued with us, and argued a great deal. Now bring upon us what you threaten us with, if you are truthful.”
33. He said, “It is God who will bring it upon you, if He wills, and you will not be able to escape.”
34. “My advice will not benefit you, much as I may want to advise you, if God desires to confound you. He is your Lord, and to Him you will be returned.”
35. Or do they say, “He made it up?” Say, “If I made it up, upon me falls my crime, and I am innocent of the crimes you commit.

So that's what Noah said to the people of Sodom. Here's the commentary.

The change shows positively that the disbelievers of Makkah are meant, and the reference is to their calling the Qur’ån a forgery. This shows that the histories of the prophets are referred to in the Holy Qur’ån as a warning for the Prophet’s opponents.​

They call it Global Warming. They call it Pandemic. They call it Abortion. They call it Fetus. They call it Charismatic. They call it New Wave. They call it ...... [you fill in the blank.... I know there's something that came to mind].

Yesterday the Supreme Court, refreshed with three new minds, refused to take up the new Abortion Law in Texas. The law, crudely stated says..... "once you hear a heartbeat.... it's a human.... and it would be murder". The heartbeat is generally detectable at about six weeks. Some of our machines are capable of picking it up even sooner. Wow... that really changes things... right? Nope.....

Women are given three months by most states. Generally that's when the baby is fully formed. The fingernails are beginning to form on little hands that can make a fist and open it again.... at three months those tiny little toes can wiggle and those wrinkled little feet can kick.

Check this out.... from How Stuff Works.....

According to one papyrus text from around 1400 B.C.E., in order for a woman to determine whether she was pregnant or not, all she had to do was urinate in two different bags — one filled with barley and the other with wheat. If the grain in either bag sprouted after being peed on, the woman was definitely with child and could start planning accordingly. But wait, there's more! In order to tell the sex of her new child, the woman simply had to wait and see which of the grains sprouted first. If the barley sprouted faster, the baby would be a boy; if the wheat sprouted first, it would be a girl child.​

Can you imagine.... sitting around waiting for the grain to sprout? Is that why they call babies "little sprouts"?

This is from an article put out by NIH....

Abortion was frequently practiced in North America during the period from 1600 to 1900. Many tribal societies knew how to induce abortions. They used a variety of methods including the use of black root and cedar root as abortifacient agents. During the colonial period, the legality of abortion varied from colony to colony and reflected the attitude of the European country which controlled the specific colony. In the British colonies abortions were legal if they were performed prior to quickening. In the French colonies abortions were frequently performed despite the fact that they were considered to be illegal. In the Spanish and Portuguese colonies abortion was illegal. From 1776 until the mid-1800s abortion was viewed as socially unacceptable; however, abortions were not illegal in most states. During the 1860s a number of states passed anti-abortion laws. Most of these laws were ambiguous and difficult to enforce. After 1860 stronger anti-abortion laws were passed and these laws were more vigorously enforced. As a result, many women began to utilize illegal underground abortion services. Although abortion was legalized in 1970, many women are still forced to obtain illegal abortion or to perform self-abortions due to the economic constraints imposed by the Hyde Amendment and the unavailability of services in many areas. Throughout the colonial period and during the early years of the republic, the abortion situation for slave women was different than for other women. Slaves were subject to the rules of their owners, and the owners refused to allow their slaves to terminate pregnancies. The owners wanted their slaves to produce as many children as possible since these children belonged to the slave owners. This situation persisted until the end of the slavery era.​

If I made any of this up..... I'll have to pay for it.... not you.... me.

God isn't really happy with us.... but that's nothing new.

We've only learned to be instantaneous. We don't have to wait for the wheat or barley to sprout. We can learn in minutes.... will we murder or will we rejoice?

God wants you to think about it.... He sent Jonah.... He sent Noah.... He sent Jesus.... He sent Muhammed.... He wants you to think about it.

They called the Quran hogwash.... because they didn't like what it said. He wants you to think about it.

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