Quran 11:84-95 "Make sure it whistles"


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Quran 11:84. And to Median, their brother Shuaib. He said, “O my people, worship God; you have no god other than Him. And do not short measure or short weight. I see you in good circumstances, but I fear for you the agony of an encompassing Day.”
85. “O my people! Give full measure and full weight, in all fairness, and do not cheat the people out of their rights, and do not spread corruption in the land.
86. What is left by God is best for you, if you are believers. And I am not a guardian over you.”
87. They said, “O Shuaib, does your prayer command you that we abandon what our ancestors worshiped, or doing with our wealth what we want? You are the one who is intelligent and wise.”
88. He said, “O my people, have you considered? What if I have clear evidence from my Lord, and He has given me good livelihood from Himself? I have no desire to do what I forbid you from doing. I desire nothing but reform, as far as I can. My success lies only with God. In Him I trust, and to Him I turn.”
89. “O my people, let not your hostility towards me cause you to suffer what was suffered by the people of Noah, or the people of Hud, or the people of Saleh. The people of Lot are not far away from you.”
90. “And ask your Lord for forgiveness, and repent to Him. My Lord is Merciful and Loving.”
91. They said, “O Shuaib, we do not understand much of what you say, and we see that you are weak among us. Were it not for your tribe, we would have stoned you. You are of no value to us.”
92. He said, “O my people, is my tribe more important to you than God? And you have turned your backs on Him? My Lord comprehends everything you do.”
93. “O my people, do as you may, and so will I. You will know to whom will come a punishment that will shame him, and who is a liar. So look out; I am on the lookout with you.”
94. And when Our command came, We saved Shuaib and those who believed with him, by mercy from Us, and the Blast struck the wrongdoers, and they became motionless bodies in their homes.
95. As though they never flourished therein. Away with Median, as was done away with Thamood.

And this is the commentary this morning.

Baqiyyat Allåh would properly signify that part of man’s doing which remains with Allåh, i.e., the righteous or good works, of which the recompense remains, the word conveying the same significance as båqiyåt in 18:46 and 19:76. But it may also mean what Allåh leaves to you after you have paid the dues of others.

This is a short read this morning. It's more on the destruction of Arab tribes by fire or flood. Verse 94 makes an really horrid statement.... they found people motionless in their homes. Was there a poison gas explosion? I mean volcanos and earthquakes were going off everywhere..... I bet there was some poisonous gas as well.

Remember the switch bush? These verses reminded me of the switch bush. My mom believed a good switch was the answer to having a bunch of kids. She used it liberally. We would have to go out and break off the switch.... and then we had to make sure it whistled.... a switch that doesn't whistle is a stick and that bruises... it's not allowed and you get a switching for not bringing a switch. The whistling was part of the torture. Mom would say.... "you want some of that switch?" That was the final warning.... "get the switch" was a command that caused tears and begging. That's what these verses brought to mind.

There goes another tribe. The tribe of Thamud, I have learned, lived in caves. They worshipped a lot of gods. They aren't around any more.

To me.... these verses say... "You want the switch? Make sure it whistles.... "


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