Quran 3:140-150 The Best of Helpers


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Quran 3:140. If a wound afflicts you, a similar wound has afflicted the others. Such days We alternate between the people, that God may know those who believe, and take martyrs from among you. God does not love the evildoers.
141. So that God may prove those who believe, and eliminate the disbelievers.
142. Or do you expect to enter Paradise, before God has distinguished those among you who strive, and before He has distinguished the steadfast?
143. You used to wish for death before you have faced it. Now you have seen it before your own eyes.
144. Muhammad is no more than a messenger. Messengers have passed on before him. If he dies or gets killed, will you turn on your heels? He who turns on his heels will not harm God in any way. And God will reward the appreciative.
145. No soul can die except by God’s leave, at a predetermined time. Whoever desires the reward of the world, We will give him some of it; and whoever desires the reward of the Hereafter, We will give him some of it; and We will reward the appreciative.
146. How many a prophet fought alongside him numerous godly people? They did not waver for what afflicted them in the cause of God, nor did they weaken, nor did they give in. God loves those who endure.
147. Their only words were, “Our Lord, forgive us our offences, and our excesses in our conduct, and strengthen our foothold, and help us against the disbelieving people.”
148. So God gave them the reward of this world, and the excellent reward of the Hereafter. God loves the doers of good.
149. O you who believe! If you obey those who disbelieve, they will turn you back on your heels, and you end up losers.
150. God is your Master, and He is the Best of Helpers.

Wow... the commentary will let me copy and paste this morning. It's going to be a fabulous day!

This refers to the desire of those who insisted that they should meet the enemy in the open field, while the Prophet’s own desire was that the Muslims should defend themselves within Madßnah. Their desire for fighting the enemy or for being slain in the cause of truth is called a desire for death.
While this verse lays stress on the essential truth of Islåm, it served another important purpose at the death of the Prophet. Some of the companions thought that the Prophet was not dead. Ab∂ Bakr went in, and seeing that life had departed, ascended the pulpit and read this verse, which had a magical effect upon his hearers, all of them being convinced that the Prophet had passed away, as all prophets had passed away before him. The prophets were but mortals, and their span of mortal life must no doubt terminate like that of other mortals. This verse affords a conclusive proof that Jesus Christ was also dead; otherwise Ab∂ Bakr’s argument could not have silenced the doubters of the Prophet’s death.
The war was carried on only with the object of making the Muslims renounce their religion, and hence they could not think of accepting the disbelievers as their rulers.
So... since Muhammed died on the battle field..... then Jesus, who died on a Roman Cross.... must be dead as well. That's what they are saying.

Sure.... I can see how they figure that must be fact..... but I was taught that Jesus was God in human form. Jesus never said He was a prophet. Muhammed never claimed to be God in human form.

I see how they came to that conclusion. I can also see how "thems is fightin' words".

Now it's down to.... a question. Which side is right? Verse 149 says.... if we pick the wrong side.... we are doomed.

Then.... how are we to choose? God knows me.... we say.... God saw me in church, or synagogue, or chapel, or mosque... we say.... He knows I put in my time... we say.... It doesn't matter as long as I choose God...we say.. but are we right?

Which side of the argument is God on? Is Jesus sitting up there waiting for the right moment in time to come clean up the mess humans have made of earth? Or was Jesus just a human like you and me who was martyred on a Roman Cross? Was Jesus the Son of God.... God in human form.... while Muhammed a prophet of God.... was martyred in war defending "right"?

It's as puzzling as how some Americans are voting one party and other Americans are voting another. How can one side see "freedom" and the other see "insurrection"? How can one person look at a starving hungry man and feel compassion and the other to say "well he deserves it.... there will always be the poor".

Verse 150 says "God is your Master, and He is the Best of Helpers."

I guess we have to Pray.... and Ask.... and Listen and Watch for His reply. He is the Best of Helpers.