Quran 3:170-179 too much drama


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Quran 3:170. Delighting in what God has given them out of His grace, and happy for those who have not yet joined them; that they have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.
171. They rejoice in grace from God, and bounty, and that God will not waste the reward of the faithful.
172. Those who responded to God and the Messenger, despite the persecution they had suffered. For the virtuous and the pious among them is a great reward.
173. Those to whom the people have said, “The people have mobilized against you, so fear them.” But this only increased them in faith, and they said, “God is enough for us; He is the Excellent Protector.”
174. So they came back with grace from God, and bounty, and no harm having touched them. They pursued what pleases God. God possesses immense grace.
175. That is only Satan frightening his partisans; so do not fear them, but fear Me, if you are believers.
176. And do not be saddened by those who rush into disbelief. They will not harm God in the least. God desires to give them no share in the Hereafter. A terrible torment awaits them.
177. Those who exchange blasphemy for faith will not harm God in the least. A painful torment awaits them.
178. Those who disbelieve should not assume that We respite them for their own good. In fact, We only respite them so that they may increase in sinfulness. A humiliating torment awaits them.
179. God will not leave the believers as you are, without distinguishing the wicked from the sincere. Nor will God inform you of the future, but God elects from among His messengers whom He wills. So believe in God and His messengers. If you believe and practice piety, you will have a splendid reward

I guess it was just that one day that the commentary would not allow the copy and paste option. Today it is working.

Verses 173–175 refer to the expedition known as Badr al-˝ughrå, the smaller Badr, undertaken next year, because Ab∂ Sufyån, commander of the Makkan army, announced, when leaving the field of U√ud, that he would meet the Muslims the following year at Badr, but notwithstanding its threats the Makkan army never marched forth. The Muslims on the other hand gained much benefit by trading in a fair held there, as indicated in v. 174.​
As emissary, Nu‘aim, was hired by the Makkans to spread terror among the Muslims, and he is the devil spoken of here (Rz). By the devil’s friends are meant the hypocrites.

If I hadn't read the commentary.... I would think this was just more on how trusting God is the way to go.

Apparently though, there was a commander of the enemy, who warned the Muslims that he would be back to finish them off next year.

Apparently, there were people hired to make trouble for the Muslims.

If you know your enemy is only going to pick up the gun if he is defending the Mosque..... why would you poke them?

I was watching a documentary about the mathematicians in the Arab Nations.... way back in the day.... way back 300 years before Jesus was born.... They figured out the stars.... they figured out that the earth was not the center of the universe. All the other scientists were doing these really elaborate calculations to follow the sun and the stars for navigation and tracking time.... with the Earth as the center of the Universe.

Fact is.... once they stopped thinking the Universe revolved around them.... that God controls everything and the Sun is the center of the Universe.... the calculations got simpler and they had time to unlock other secrets with their calculations.

I know people who are addicted to being the center of the Universe.

They have a lot of worry.... keeping that high stature.

I don't ever want to be.... center of the Universe..... it's just too much drama.