Quran 3:94-107 Whitened not White


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Quran 3:94. Whoever forges lies about God after that—these are the unjust.
95. Say, “God has spoken the truth, so follow the religion of Abraham the Monotheist; he was not a Pagan.”
96. The first house established for mankind is the one at Bekka; blessed, and guidance for all people.
97. In it are evident signs; the Station of Abraham. Whoever enters it attains security. Pilgrimage to the House is a duty to God for all who can make the journey. But as for those who refuse—God is Independent of the worlds.
98. Say, “O People of the Scripture, why do you reject the Revelations of God, when God witnesses what you do?
99. Say, “O People of the Scripture, why do you hinder from God’s path those who believe, seeking to distort it, even though you are witnesses? God is not unaware of what you do.”
100. O you who believe! If you obey a party of those who were given the Scripture, they will turn you, after your belief, into disbelievers.
101. And how could you disbelieve, when God’s revelations are being recited to you, and among you is His Messenger? Whoever cleaves to God has been guided to a straight path.
102. O you who believe! Revere God with due reverence, and do not die except as Muslims.
103. And hold fast to the rope of God, altogether, and do not become divided. And remember God’s blessings upon you; how you were enemies, and He reconciled your hearts, and by His grace you became brethren. And you were on the brink of a pit of fire, and He saved you from it. God thus clarifies His revelations for you, so that you may be guided.
104. And let there be among you a community calling to virtue, and advocating righteousness, and deterring from evil. These are the successful.
105. And do not be like those who separated and disputed after the clear proofs came to them; for them is a great punishment.
106. On the Day when some faces will be whitened, and some faces will be blackened. As for those whose faces are blackened: “Did you disbelieve after your belief?” Then taste the punishment for having disbelieved.
107. But as for those whose faces are whitened: they are in God’s mercy, remaining in it forever.

When you go to the commentary.... there is a "contents" page to the left.... where you have to choose the right chapter and verses. I would encourage everyone to go to the commentary and read for yourselves....please don't let something an old gray haired half blind woman interprets send you down the wrong path. I don't want to be responsible for that.... that's why I give you the link to the commentary..... so you can read for yourself.

According to what I read..... the first house of worship must have been in Bekka. That, according to the google searches I did.... is another way of saying Mecca. Abraham is supposed to have started worshipping at Mecca [Bekka]. Abraham was a monotheist.... he believed there is only one God.

Now for some reason.... they think the Trinity is actually polytheism. Meaning... God, Jesus, and the Spirit are worshipped as gods.... not just God.... the one God. I can see how that could seem to be so.

David's son Solomon.... you know the "wise" one.... was lied about. They say Solomon never built temples for other gods.... as the Bible states....so that his women [wives and concubines] could worship their own gods.... they say that's a myth. The man had 300 wives and 700 concubines..... who's to know how he treated them... that's a lot of jealous women to deal with.... and how is it "wise" to even discuss this in the times of #metoo.

They say.... according to what I read.... that the inclusion of women in the temple was contentious. Men must have been responsible for the religious education of their women. Christians allowed women to teach.... I don't think the Muslims appreciated that.

Lest I not leave it out.... there is something contentious in verse 106. Soot.... Soot is the difference. Hell fire will be sooty.... that's what the black face... white face is all about....

I've been watching "Ripper Street" on Netflix or Hulu..... and one of the things I have noticed is the darkness of London. It was filthy from all the soot. They used coal for cooking and heating and even lights.... there was soot everywhere. Soot on the cuff of one of the characters was even a clue in one episode.

It's so like us to make black and white about the color of skin.... but it could be about status or station..... it could also be used to contrast Heaven and Hell. It's easier to breath in Heaven.... the air is thick with soot in Hell.

White face black face..... Heaven or Hell.... it's not Racist.... it's Descriptive.

Having a white face is not the same as having your face whitened.

It's a whitened face not a white face.