Quran 4:2-10 War widows and orphans


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Quran 4:2. And give orphans their properties, and do not substitute the bad for the good. And do not consume their properties by combining them with yours, for that would be a serious sin.
3. If you fear you cannot act fairly towards the orphans—then marry the women you like—two, or three, or four. But if you fear you will not be fair, then one, or what you already have. That makes it more likely that you avoid bias.
4. Give women their dowries graciously. But if they willingly forego some of it, then consume it with enjoyment and pleasure.
5. Do not give the immature your money which God has assigned to you for support. But provide for them from it, and clothe them, and speak to them with kind words.
6. Test the orphans until they reach the age of marriage. If you find them to be mature enough, hand over their properties to them. And do not consume it extravagantly or hastily before they grow up. The rich shall not charge any wage, but the poor may charge fairly. When you hand over their properties to them, have it witnessed for them. God suffices as a Reckoner.
7. Men receive a share of what their parents and relatives leave, and women receive a share of what their parents and relatives leave; be it little or much—a legal share.
8. If the distribution is attended by the relatives, and the orphans, and the needy, give them something out of it, and speak to them kindly.
9. Those who are concerned about the fate of their weak children, in case they leave them behind, should fear God, and speak appropriate words.
10. Those who consume the wealth of orphans illicitly consume only fire into their bellies; and they will roast in a Blaze.

The commentary says this is about the war orphans.

Arabs, according to the Quran, only fight when they are attacked. So... they don't study war. Apparently they aren't very good at it... and they are generally outnumbered, so there are a lot of widows and orphans.

When these men went to battle, according to the Quran, they were generally outnumbered. They are only fighting because they have to and they are praying that God is on their side. A lot of men died on the battlefield. A lot of women were left without men to bring income. A lot of children were left without support.

Also.... it's not stated here.... but since women are "equal" to men.... and orphans are orphans because they have no parents, father or mother, it's easy for me to jump to the conclusion that women fought in the wars too. After all, they are fighting because they were attacked so the women would pick up a weapon too.

This also talks about the dowry. That's the money set aside for that wonderful day when they get married. Check this out.... from the commentary.

It is necessary that a “dowry” should be given to every woman taken in marriage, whether she is a free woman, an orphan girl, or a prisoner of war. So every woman begins her married life as the owner of some property, and thus marriage is the means of raising her status, in many respects elevating her to a plane of equality with her husband. The practice has, however, become more or less general to recognize dowry as a debt which the husband owes to the wife and which she can claim when she likes.
These verses also talk about educating children. When it says "test the orphans" until they reach maturity..... means educate them so when they are old enough they can take care of themselves.... enter marriage.... take care of others. Letting kids just die or letting kids just lay around doesn't help them in the future. Give an orphan an education... they prosper and they can learn to take care of themselves... and maybe they will learn to take care of others too. Educating orphans after war was a means of rebuilding society.

One more little thing to tidy up from these verses reminds me of "little orphan Annie". The wicked will be happy to take in widows and orphans so they can steal their inheritance or their dowry. They claim the money as "necessary". If they take a trip to Ireland on the inheritance of the orphan, if they buy a fancy car instead of the useful van on the inheritance of an orphan, or if they take the inheritance of the widow or orphan and plop it in their own accounts.... well the Quran says.... Hurt a widow or orphan.... you go to the "Fire".

There are a lot of Pandemic babies in the US today. How are we going to deal with them? Will the orphanages take all the inheritance without using it to help the children? Will they claim a buck and a half out of every two bucks for "administrative costs"? Will they leave the widowed women to sell themselves on the corner to feed their babies?

Muslims are required to care for the orphans. Muslims only fight when they have to... according to the Quran. Muslims are generally outnumbered and outgunned. There were a lot of war orphans when the Quran was assembled.

Muslims are ordered to treat the war widows and orphans fairly.