Rabbit Lovers - Companion Sought


Adopt me please !
There is someone who wants her female bunny to have a friend. If you have a bunny that is alone, please read on:

The current bunny owner says:

"About 9 years ago, I took in a rabbit that my sister had bought at a pet shop for her kids, the kids eventually got tired of the rabbit and he was being ignored in a basement. I took him and then discovered that rabbits are happier with a "friend" so I adopted a second rabbit from House Rabbit Society. Then about a year later, while helping my dog breeder find a lost horse, she asked me to take a rabbit that someone had dumped at her place after being threatened with eviction from a "no pets" apartment. I took the rabbit and she easily bonded up with the two I already had, so just kept her. In the mean time, I also found out that I am allergic to rabbits, but since I'm also allergic to a million other things and take daily medication, I just kept contact to a minimum and kept up with my side of the arrangement in caring for these bunnies. The first bunny passed away at the ripe old age of 9ish of natural causes, which left the adopted rabbit and the dumped rabbit - both females. They had been living happily together for the past six years until last week when the adopted bunny got very ill. I tried my best to bring her back, but she had neurological damage and after a few days of treatment lost her will to live. I had her humanely euthanized last Saturday.

Now for the problem, the remaining rabbit has been living with a partner for the past 6 years, and as anyone that has ever had rabbits would know, they bond very closely and are very unhappy when alone. Because of my allergies, I do not want any more rabbits, so getting this one a friend is not an option. I would like to try to find someone that has a single rabbit (preferably a neutered male) and that has rabbit experience to perhaps give this girl a new home for the rest of her life. She's a healthy bunny, approximately 7years old. I don't think she was ever spayed, but I would be willing to pay for the spay surgery - I didn't have it done because the male I had was neutered. She must be an indoor bunny and is a small white bunny with small gray spots. She's not overly friendly, but not hard to handle. She gets her nails clipped about once a month and has never been aggressive. I suspect with a little TLC she would warm up nicely, I just don't handle the rabbits much because of the allergies, and since they always had each other to cuddle with, I never felt too bad about that. She does use a litter box, but not 100%, and you do have to keep her in a rabbit-proofed area as she will chew on things (like most rabbits will). She is used to dogs and cats, and not overly skittish about noises. I do not have kids, so not sure how she would do with children.

I would like to find this girl the "perfect" home where she can spend the rest of her days with the bunny companionship that she is used to.

FYI - she bonded to my other two rabbits VERY easily. Almost no fighting or fuss and the other female that just passed away seemed to be the more dominant rabbit."

PM me if you may have a suitable bunny companion and can offer this sweet bunny a home.