Does anyone know of a good rabbit veternarian in the Southern Maryland Area? Recently went up the road to Crofton Vet Center and had a very good experience with the head vet, but my rabbit will probably need monthly visits due to malocussion and would like to find someone closer to home (Waldorf). Please don't recommend St. Charles Animal Hospital...they charge much too much...thinking a domestic rabbit is an exotic pet!!!


Dr. Cunningham in La Plata 301-932-1881


Glymont Vet Clinic in Indian Head 301-753-6511

Both very good, I think Dr. Cunningham saw a dwarf rabbit I had many many years ago.


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There's a guy in Bowie who specializies in rabbits. Not too close but he's got a very good reputation. Dr. Stunkard is his name, not sure of his number.
Thanks to both of you for the rabbit response. I have seen Dr. Cunningham in La Plata for my dogs, but then my dogs died and we never obtained any more dogs.
As for Dr. Stunkard in Bowie, yes, yes I forgot his name!!! I did see him a couple of times years ago, and then where his old office was they changed into a new shopping center. Do you have any new info on Dr. Stunkard's office?
Have a great day!!!


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Originally posted by RabbitLady
Do you have any new info on Dr. Stunkard's office?
Have a great day!!!
Stunkard J A DVM
6840 Race Track Road, Bowie, MD 20715
(301) 262-8590

Thanks so much for this info. You've brightened my day...lost my job this morning....but am encouraged with this news.

RabbitLady (who has 8 rabbits)!!!