Rant: this story on discipline to wrongdoers in schools


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That would be safe to assume. In which case, both students should have been find AND punished. Not one, or the other.

If that had been the case, I'd have no gripe.

From the article, second paragraph, second sentence: "Both girls were suspended for a few days..."


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I'm with mAlice on this one. Asking to pay restitution is fair. What isn't fair is that one child should get off because their parents could pay the fine, while the other was not. If it couldn't be paid then the student should have a way to work it off. One student has parents who can buy their kids way out of punishment, and that isn't fair. In fact if it was me, I can BET my mom would have refused to pay it and made me either find it somewhere or work it out on my own. And at 12, making 100 bucks isn't exactly easy.

Funny how the parents who allegedly couldn't pay COULD find the wherewithal to hire a lawyer.


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They haven't paid the bill yet. Could be emulating Al Sharpton with the IRS. "Whachu talkin' 'bout, I O U?