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My first impression? I wanted to chuck it all - hop in my BF's camper and say let's blow this town baby.
If that is your, or anyone else's for that matter, true goal, I would highly encourage you to tap into your inner wanderlust. It's not all rainbows and unicorns, but it's pretty damn close. And this comes on the heels of what has got to be our most trying challenge of living 3 days with no power or running water amid temps barely above freezing. This week that seems like a distant memory.

Life on the road is pretty amazing. In a few weeks, we will hit the 5 year mark as nomadic gypsies. We have had so many experiences that some times the memories of them all run together. Some evenings when we reminisce of places we've visited the conversation sounds like this. "Where was that place where you had that huge plate of chicken and waffles? I think there was a bowling alley next door to it. The bartender had a unique name like Aurora or Velveeta." Then the conversation goes on about scenic drives or kitschy shops or possibly a farmer's market. Because your stationary life is now replaced with a mobile one. Your memory picks and chooses to recall certain details while the majority of it fades into the deeper recesses of your gray matter. But it only takes a few clues for the details to come rushing back once you tap into the abyss.

Then there is the planning and the subsequent anticipation that comes with it. You look forward to new adventures. In my pre-Vrai days I was more free wheeling. Now we head out with a plan and reservations. Each stop is well thought out based on location and campground amenities. But there are thousands of travelers like us that think nothing of driving out to a national forest and parking under the trees with no amenities, not even cell service. We know this because we've driven by where they choose to live.

I'm just glad we didn't wait before heading out. While I'm not sick, I starting to have those pesky age related health challenges that make life a bit more difficult. Heck I have acquaintances younger than me that have had multiple joints replaced. None of us are getting any younger. I recall 1 campground neighbor that told me when he got home from his current trip that he was putting his rig up for sale. He said his back couldn't take the seat time any longer. A few other travelers lost a spouse in preparation for hitting the road in their golden years.

In my lifetime I've met people that I call fixers. They say things like when I pay off my credit card I'm fixing to start an IRA or when I put on the next rank I'm fixing to take college classes. They never actually do those things. They are just fixing to do them. Life is short. Don't be a fixer. Be a doer.


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I was hoping that you or Vrai would have seen it - is it really like that on the road?
We saw it yesterday. I'm sure that is a true depiction of some people. It certainly isn't that way for us. Not even close. The only thing in common is that we both sleep in a vehicle. Fern stays in a tricked out van. We have 34 feet with a bed, couch, dinette, 3 chairs, 2 A/Cs, propane heat, flush toilet, 2 sinks, range, microwave, TV, fridge, holding tanks, cupboards, and closets. Pretty much what you find in an apartment, just on a smaller scale.


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...challenge of living 3 days with no power or running water amid temps barely above freezing.
Boy Scouts. Polar Bear retreats, did them every year. Not uncommon for the eggs to freeze solid. Keep a bottle of water in your sleeping bag so you had a drink in the morning.

I'd prefer not to do that anymore, these old bones are too brittle, but having experienced it, very little I'm not prepared for.


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Watching American History X. Not done watching and not rating. Came out in 1998. Interesting how it compares to today.



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My first impression? I wanted to chuck it all - hop in my BF's camper and say let's blow this town baby. I don't really think too deeply about any movie, but to me it was all about courage. I would think you have to be a little bit fearless when your home can be subjected to breakdowns in the middle of nowhere, or regular medical attention, or having to trust people you don't really know, or just walking into a large group and try to fit it. I read somewhere that the director was trying in part to show the desperation of a recession, but what I saw was resilience and a group of people that seemed genuinely happy.

Not too terribly deep huh?

I was hoping that you or Vrai would have seen it - is it really like that on the road? I've driven across country from Washington DC to Washington state, down to San Diego and across the southern route home - camping in a two man tent the entire time. We stayed at KoAs - I don't remember it being that way at all.

No. I mean, it can be if that's what you want or all you can get, but that's not how we live. The people in the movie are boondockers who crap in a bucket in their livingroom - we don't do that. :jet: There are also better ways of making money on the road than harvesting beets or working in an Amazon warehouse (although working at Wall Drug would be a BLAST!).

The movie, and especially the book, portray these folks as this is how the want to live, and there's something attractive about going off the grid. I don't want to do it, but I understand why someone would.

I think your impression these folks' resilience is spot on, and that's how the book portrays them. The movie tends to make them come across more white trashy than they really are.


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Unhinged 5/5

I kept wondering if he had to gain weight for this movie or .... anyway, he a big boy now.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat and the girl made me angry.

You may never beep beep again after watching...


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Godzilla vs. Kong 3/5
It’s a draw

No holds Barred (1989) 1/5

Gremlins (1984) 4/5

Raya and the Last Dragon 3/5

Zack Snyder's Justice League 4/5

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage 5/5


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Who has seen the new(er) movie with Bob Odenkirk that I can't recall the name of? I want to see that but not if it's lame.


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The only Nobody film I watched was...