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Washington Post warns bogus paper being distributed claiming Trump left office

This gives new meaning to the term “fake news.”

The Washington Post warned Wednesday that fake copies of the paper are being distributed around Washington, D.C. Politico’s Ian Kullgren obtained one of the fake papers, complete with fictional news about President Trump leaving the White House for good.

The false A1 headline, “Unpresidented,” features a somber image of Trump and says, “Trump hastily departs White House, ending crisis.” Other fake headlines include, “Celebrations break out worldwide as Trump era ends,” and “Pres. Pence begins ‘clipped duck’ term.”



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I saw a lady handing these out at Union Station last week when catching a train to NYC.


It one thing after another with the Dems! Its nothing more than a smoke screen for Hillary. She is guilty, but never charged with a damn thing