Recommendation for a GOOD seafood restaurant


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You know, living in St. Mary's, where crab is wouldnt think it would be difficult to find someplace, that does a decent crabcake, would be wrong. Morris Point had a decent one when we were over there last year. Honestly, I know it doesn't help now, but, Bowen's in Solomons had the best crabcake ever and the price was very reasonable. I've heard good things about Jerry's, but I've never been there, so cant say.


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I've been to a few places over the last couple months, one was Kevins, and the crabcakes are terrible. Mostly tasteless and one place it was 75% filler.


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I've been to a few places over the last couple months, one was Kevins, and the crabcakes are terrible. Mostly tasteless and one place it was 75% filler.

We went to Tall Timbers last weekend, now they may have been closing up for the season or something, but, the crabcake was terrible!! Again, they seemed to have a very limited menu, only sandwiches, so maybe that had something to do with it, but, I would be hesitant to go again. Agree about Kevin's. More breadcrumbs than crab.

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Yeah. Vrai and others recommended that one too. I hear a lot of good about it but a bit of a hike.

I'll probably break down and make the drive though.

I'll say this, my mother and stepfather have been eating at Jerry's since the early eighties back when he was in Seabrook. Back then it was the hip place to be seen, they couldn't afford to eat there then so they would share a martini with each other.
When I'm back in MD for a visit I always make it to Jerry's place at least once per visit.
His fried green tomatoes are the Shizzle.. I have never been disappointed there.


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Jerry's is good if you like bland crab cakes. No filler or anything like that, but if you enjoy mustard and some "zing" to your cakes, you won't like them, imo.

The crab cakes at Heritage 485 a few minutes north are about the same as Jerrys, with a touch of mustard added.

It's hard for me to eat crab cakes at a restaurant. Mainly because I like mine pan fried in butter with cayenne pepper and mustard. No one makes them like that (how can you in a restaurant without taking forever?), so what you typically get with a "good" crab cake at a restaurant is broiled lump with limited fillers. Not to mention everyone's different beliefs on how a crab cake should be cooked.


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Really????????? Damn, that sucks!!!! Maybe they were just having an off night. Hubs and I were there about two months ago and it was good.

A coworker went to the breakfast buffet and reported unhappiness. Not being a buffet fan, I don't know how much credence to give that. And we did have one off day there ourselves a few weeks back. Which we attributed to what looked to have been a huge wedding the evening before taking away the A-team. the server went to great pains to explain that this we her second week on the job, and I did have to send my plate back to get reheated. But I certainly wouldn't pull my recommendation based one bad experience out of 15 or more visits. But the wifes crabcake has never been off there.