Red Alert Notice

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IMG tags have been turned on in the Photography forum. This means that you can embed your photos in your posts instead of having to upload and attach them.

HOWEVER, embedding photos that do not belong to you is STRICTLY forbidden. And don't think you won't get caught because we get notes all the time from photographers and authors, complaining that someone has stolen their work and put it in the forums. We also get complaints about bandwidth theft, which is what happens when you embed a photo from someone else's site and it consumes their bandwidth whenever the photo is viewed on here.

So the rules are:

Only embed photos that belong to you and reside on a website that you own/maintain. If we get a complaint from a photographer that you have embedded one of their photos and/or stolen their bandwidth, you will be banned. No excuses.

If you want your fellow photographers to see someone else's work, link to it so the artist can have proper credit, do not steal it.
Not open for further replies.