Red-State Governors Lead COVID Recovery After Blue-State Tyrants Tanked The Economy


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In the second graph, it seems that “lean Republican” states where Republicans face stronger checks from the electorate had better outcomes than all the other electoral combinations. While some Republican governors have been noted for their extraordinary leadership in allowing their citizens to keep working and going to school in the face of a disease that is most dangerous to the very elderly, others have dictated crushing pandemic policies little different from their blue-state counterparts.

California, ruled by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, who locked his state down into oblivion while blowing off his own rules, has run the West Coast paradise into 9 percent unemployment, the third-highest in the country. Meanwhile, California’s kingmakers are fleeing in droves for red states that foster friendlier business climates, such as Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

New York, on the other hand, is not far ahead of California’s unemployment rate. There, Emperor Andrew Cuomo has run the state to 8.2 percent unemployment. Thanks to Cuomo, together with Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, residents are fleeing just as they did in California, taking many jobs and taxpayer dollars with them.



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The biggest reason Maryland isn't in a much worse fix is the fact that so many of those working have Government jobs and military base jobs. If it weren't for that we would be a lot worse off than we are.

Our RINO Governor has us locked down pretty tight.. Some Counties a lot worse than others. Those being Democrat counties.


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To be fair - there are also OTHER factors to consider, not the least of which is, even states WITH lockdowns - as Hijinx alluded to - can have lower unemployment because they have a much higher incidence of jobs which are not affected by lockdowns. If you are a miner or a farmer or a lumberjack - chances are you haven't missed a day of work. If you work for the federal government - ditto.

IF however, you live in a dense urban region - typically blue - you run a much higher likelihood of having YOUR job deemed "non-essential".