Redskins to conduct 'thorough review' of team name amid intense scrutiny


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The Left Weaponizes Newfound Love Of Corporations To Override Native American Support For Redskins

The survey of 500 self-identified Native Americans found “68 percent of the respondents were not offended by the team’s name.” When the survey offered respondents “with more than 40 emotions and asked them to indicate whether each represented how they felt about the team’s name,” Vargas said, “The word picked most was ‘proud.'”

But Nike knows better. The company, under the direction of very white leadership (the president and CEO is a Democratic donor), removed Redskins gear from its website this week. Investment firms and shareholders have signed letters asking affiliated corporations to use their financial power to pressure the team into a name change. FedEx, which has naming rights to the Redskins’ field, responded by requesting the change.

A wave of new research indicates enough consumers will reward brands for taking leftist stances that it justifies wading into these fraught cultural conversations. Reporting on a survey last summer, Axios wrote, “When it comes to taking a stand on issues, younger, liberal Americans are more likely to want corporations to get involved, according to the poll. This is why brands like Nike that cater to younger, more diverse customers have chosen to take strong stands on social issues.” In June, Sara Fischer reported, “Data shows that brands have less to lose when speaking out on issues such as civil rights and gay rights than they would when speaking out against other hot-button issues, like abortion or guns.”
Think out of the box. They should leave the name alone. Change the logo. To a potato. The Washington Redskin (potatos) They can sell a lot of gear in another losing season. Mr Potatohead can be the mascot.


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Hmmmmmm. I wonder if the team, more than 50% un-white, likes working for the Jewish boss man....


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Amazon pulls Washington Redskins merchandise from its site amid calls for the team to change its name

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed the company is removing Redskins merchandise.

“With the announcement from the Washington team and the NFL, we are removing products with the team’s name and logo from our stores,” according to the notice, which was shared by Ed Rosenberg, who runs an online seller group called ASGTG. “Failure to properly close or delete all restricted product listings from your inventory may result in deactivation.”

The decision comes after the Washington Redskins said last week it would be reviewing its name after several sponsors, including FedEx, called on the team to rebrand itself.

FedEx bought naming rights to the team’s home stadium, FedEx Field, in 1998 for $205 million in a deal that runs through 2025. Frederick Smith, FedEx CEO, is a minority owner of the team.


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ESPN is reporting that the Washington football team can retain the Redskins name. Only if Dan Snyder sells the team to a native American tribe for $24 worth of animal pelts and shiny beads.


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Fun fact: The majority of Native Americans polled felt the name was not offensive.