Republican....or not?


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You know what I enjoyed the MOST about this? How the issues were ambiguous to the contestants, who were liberal/progressive.
They were against banning books in schools - unless it's the Bible. They hate cops - except for the Capitol Police, who were HEROES.
My body my choice SHOULD seem cut and dried - ditto an athlete expressing an unpopular opinion and standing up for it.

Except for the Cheney thing, virtually every issue was a stark exposure of leftie hypocrisy. EVERY ISSUE they champion or oppose only matters at all to them if it advances their political position. Otherwise, the underlying concept be damned.

And if BLM ever bites the left in the ass - if it ever becomes something they cannot exploit or doesn't work for them, politically - they won't support it. As a pundit recently explained in an article I read, it is only about power.