'reputation risk'


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One of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's banks has cut ties with him a month after citing him as a 'reputation risk'

Lindell told Insider he had nine accounts at the bank and none were related to his main MyPillow business. He said one account at the bank was connected to his website Frank Speech and another was linked to the Lindell Recovery Network, the pillow CEO's platform for people with addiction.

Lindell told Insider he was "disgusted" by the bank and accused it of "de-banking" and "canceling" him.

"They just said, 'Mike Lindell's in the public eye, and we don't want to be part of the news.' And now they're in the news, aren't they?" Lindell told Insider. "They are evil for canceling us."

Lindell added that he thought "someone" had "gotten to" the bank and motivated it to terminate its relationship with him.

"I've been in the news every day for a long time now," Lindell said, adding that he thought the bank was trying to "destroy" him and Frank Speech. "They just want to attack Mike Lindell and close his accounts," he said. "That's what I think."