St. Mary's Co. Request for Proposals: Mobile Crisis Response and Stabilization Services


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LEONARDTOWN, MD (September 15, 2022) – The St. Mary’s County Health Department’s Local Behavioral Health Authority (SMCHD LBHA) is seeking an operator and/or operators to implement, manage and administer Mobile Response and Stabilization Services (MRSS) for adults and children who are experiencing severe situational, emotional or behavioral crisis in Charles and St. Mary’s County. The purpose of a mobile crisis response team is to divert individuals in crisis away from hospitals, emergency departments, and jails as well as for children to stabilize in current living arrangements and return to routine functioning; thus, effectively eliminating the overuse and misuse of these services, as well as to better service individuals in crisis and prevent fatalities from suicide, drug overdose, and other mental health and substance use emergencies.

Funding for this project is secured from the Maryland Department of Health, Behavioral Health Administration (MDH/BHA). As such, collaboration with other entities around all core components is expected to ensure success of these services. The deadline to submit a proposal for this contract is October 17, 2022.

To apply, the organization or service provider must:

  • Meet the listed eligibility requirements
  • Attend the Pre-Application Meeting
  • Submit an application
  • Designate one person to be the liaison with SMCHD LBHA to provide information for grant reporting and evaluating the services provided.
  • Commit to meet with the SMCHD LBHA on a biweekly schedule from the date of grant award to provide updates on project progress. Schedule may be modified based on performance
  • Demonstrate program sustainability beyond the life of this grant

For more information, or to submit proposals for these requests, please visit

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the poor dad
Well if you hadn’t forced everyone into lockdown, closed businesses, forced people to wear face diapers against their will, closed schools, and kept people from being with their loved ones while dying, then just maybe we wouldn’t need a mobile crisis unit!