Rescue pit bull mauls teen on adoption day


Awww, jeez
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Adopter beware.

A New York man rescued a pit bull from a shelter 22 minutes before it was scheduled to be put down. However, the dog ended up being euthanized anyway after it attacked the man's daughter.Stephen Neira, 40, of Patchogue, New York, found the 2-year-old pit bull, Alex, Thursday on a website for rescuing pets on "death row," The Associated Press reports. The dog reportedly had 22 minutes to live before it was set to be put down.
Neira's family welcomed the puppy into their home on Sunday after he passed behavioral tests, but moments after Alex entered the home, things took a turn for the worse.
Upon entering the home, Alex attacked Neira's 16-year-old daughter, biting into her face and throat,

who's a good boy?


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Cue all the idiots posting about how pit bulls are just misunderstood, or how it's just bad owners.

Reminds me of an old saying.
Your neighbor has one pitbull, and he probably does drugs.
Two pitbulls and he probably sells drugs.

Course my neighbor has two pitts and a goat. No telling what he is into.